01 Gt Still Won't Start After A Fuel Pump Change

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by lucky01, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. My 01 gt backed it out of the garage the other day after setting for about a month. A couple of hrs later went to start itwould only turn over . Was sure it was the fuel pump . I replaced it. Still nothing. When I turn the key on the cooling fan runs the odometer has all dashes theft light is flashes. When I hook up my code reader it will not connect. From posts I read sounds like it might be the ccrm is there any way to test this before I go buy another?
  2. Did you check the inertia switch inside the trunk?
  3. Have you checked all of the fuses? Especially the PCM fuse in the Battery Junction Box.

    This could also be a bad ignition switch, blown fuse, or CCRM problem.

    Suggest first by testing for 12 volts at the red wire to the radio interference capacitor with the key on.

    Next test for +12 volts with the key on at the Central Junction box fuse F2.2 and F2.8 with the key on.
  4. Thanks burns I have checked the fuses but I haven't checked any voltages yet. When you say check the PCM fuse in the battery junction box do u mean the fuse block under the hood? Or is there another fuse ?
  5. Count the theft light flashes.

    Code flashes:
    1:3----------- Key code not received. Is key screened by other keys or objects? Try different key: if okay then first key is faulty.
    1:4----------- Partial code only received. Try again. If not okay use different key.
    1:5-----------Key not programmed into PATS. Program key as above using master
    1:6-----------Faulty link between PATS module and EECV.

    The last one is probably what you are experiencing and if your PCM fuse is good then look further down line.
  6. have you checked the fuel pressure to see if the pump is being activated at all? thats probably the first step to start with and wrk your way up the circuits from there. with the key on engine off it should be between 25 and 40 psi. if not then i would check the circuits from the PCM to the CCRM and from there to the fuel driver module. this is of course assuming that there are no other issues with starting like PATS or any sort of ignition issues. if you want to check the CCRM for the fuel pump, check pin 12 in start or run for voltage and pin 11 should be hot at all time, if not its the circuitry before the CCRM, if those are good, check pin 5 for power in start or run. if there is less than 10.5 volts, its probably the CCRM.