01 Gt Still Won't Start

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  1. Update to my last post . I've checked all fuses grounds and a different ccrm. Still won't start turn the key on the cooling fan runs the odometer is all ------- theft light is constant flashing . Is there anything left to check before I change the computer ?
  2. It's not clear to me exactly how the tests were done to CONFIRM power to the PCM.

    Possible causes could be:
    • blown fuse
    • bad CCRM
    • bad ignition switch
    • bad ground
    • Bad PCM
    IMO, changing a PCM as a diagnostic tool is not the greatest idea. It could create as many problems as it solves. I personally would change a PCM as a last resort after everything else had been ruled in/out.

    The PCM does have more than one source of power. Has key on power been confirmed to fuse F2.2, F2.8, F2.34, and F1.26?

    Also confirm key on power to the red wire at the ignition radio interference capacitor. This will confirm that the CCRM is actually powering the ignition system.
  3. It is a 01 gt contv have checked all fuses and voltage at f2 8 &34 and f126 all 12v have checked all grounds that I can find replaced the ccrm. This started all at once was sure it was the fuel pump . Replaced the fuel pump it started ran very rich and rough for less than a min shut it off haven't started sense. All power works windows seat ect the stereo works . U said to check the the red wire at radio interference capacitor where is that located at ? It is a aftermarket radio if that makes a diff. I have dropped the fuel tank a rechecked all the wires and connections thinking maybe I pinched a wire couldn't find anything wrong . Iam stumped
  4. If the theft light is flashing then I would start with the PATS system.
  5. My dad had problem like this with his 02 Malibu. They had some rewire/fixings on the internet.
  6. Under the hood, look at the coil on plug (COP) units. Each COP has a RED power wire. This is the +12 volt power source for the ignition.

    IF F2.2, F2.8, and the ignition RED wire all have +12 volts at key on, THEN the CCRM is supplying power to the PCM.

    IF there is key on +12 volts at the trunk mounted IFS switch, then the CCRM is good.

    If this were my car, I would pull the PCM and inspect the printed circuit board for burned marks. A new PCM is likely in your future. Note, PCM don't normally fail without some help. Did something else "happen" during the work?

    1987Stangman, this is not a PATS problem. The theft light is flashing because the cluster is not getting a valid signal from the PCM. This would happen if the PCM were not powered or bad. Remember that PATS requires a two way communication from the cluster to PCM for the 99+ model year.
  7. All I did was changed the fuel pump looking back maybe it was not the problem to begin with . I even dropped the tank again to check to see if a wire got pinched everything looked good put it all backed together still the same.
  8. Burns, my bad your 100 right on this. The last time I encountered a PATS issues was on my 96.

    Carry on sir :bang:
  9. Check the engine ground it's on the driver side of the motor by motor mount and runs to just behind stabilizer shack on drivers side make sure it is making good contact just had this problem today.
  10. I looked at it and every thing was tight thought I was going to twist off the bolt trying to loosen it. Maybe I need to give it a shot of pb blaster and try to take it off.
  11. does the car turn over when you try to start it? If it is turning over and won't start at all its gonna be your crank position sensor. which is pretty much your distributor on the modular motors when they go bad there is a crank but no start its a cheap and easy fix.
  12. 01 gt still won't start. Ok it's been a couple of weeks haven't had time to work on it . I got another pcm put in today turned the key on the odometer is now showing the mileage the cooling fan is not running.theft light is still flashing an it still won't start. Is it safe to say the pcm needs to be programmed to my key? I want to be sure there is nothing else I can do before I drag it to a dealer to get it done.
  13. Yep, the PCM will have to be programmed but there are other shops, not just the dealer that can do it.
  14. There is a very common problem with the anti-theft system on these cars. The wires that run from the main harness to the module on the igniton actually pull out of the connector. This is especially common when the user tilts the wheel up and down on a regular basis (such as when entering and exiting the vehicle) and is the first place mustang owners should look when dealing with a flashing theft light.

    The module itself can go bad but is more rare. Having changed PCM's, the water is now very muddy :(
  15. Reset ur fuel switch its at the trunk inside the side cover of truck at passenger side or make be its switch off now .. juct check bcz its happen with me and my car sleeo for 1 week after that I read my manual owner and finally I started my car and save my money
  16. We'll this was the first Saturday all winter I had time or there wasn't 10" of snow on the ground. I loaded it up and hauled it to a dealer I told them to make it run. They hooked it up reprogrammed the pats started up and runs like a new one didn't take them a half hr.thanks everyone for your input!