'01 headrest fit in '91

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Bolt on 5.0, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. DO any of you know if the head rests from a '01 gt will fit in my '91 gt. I bout the car and it does not have head rests. I have been looking for a pair in any color and found these.
  2. yes I seen a picture on here where someone put some halo's in a fox that had newer leather seats from a 94 or newer.....I just put a set of halo's in my 88 GT so I have a set of mint grey headrest's (the ones that tilt not lift) sitting in my closet if your intrested.
  3. roland I am looking for the small headrest from the 1990 and up models.
  4. Yes they will fit. Just make sure you use the plastic sleeve with it

  5. I can get you some this week I'm not to buisy
  6. Thanks for the replies, I'll ask the guy if he has the sleeves.

    Roland I sent you a PM
  7. what are these plastic sleeves you speak of, I have to pull off my seat cover and see if I have them. The guy selling the headrests does not have.

    Thing is I bought the car without headrests. I have the meterial to redo them, so color does not matter, I am just lokking for the stock style headrest to put on the car.
  8. Actually the sleeves should be there on your seats. Pull the headrest up slightly and see if there is a plastic trim peice around the shaft. That's the sleeve.

    With pre-87 seats the slot is bigger, so guys who run halos need to remove this sleeve
  9. ^^^ that's exactly what I had to do