01 Mineral Grey Vert

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  1. My mineral gray has the gray torq thrust style wheels on it looking to upgrade. What do you guys think about these two lightning styles. I know the first is my favorite but would not look good the second may look alright. nepy8ana.jpg ygadyjus.jpg
  2. I hope that's not chrome, polished aluminum would be sick, besides the aluminum version of those would be hot on my 2000 gt. So, yes I approve. But the stock wheels are so light. Kinda hard for me not ta' refurbish the wheels that came with the car.
  3. I mean I like the torq thrust style wheel especially polished. But looking for something different. Which ones do you like of these two pics. The ones on the right polished I think would be awesome. The ones on the left are my fav just don't think would look right on the car.
  4. The first one, reminds me of the fr500s. I like those.
  5. The rim on the right looks a lot like a recessed Cobra R rim to me. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't look good on a Mustang. I have deep dish FR500's on my car and I don't think the rim on the left resembles them that closely, and they might look a bit too bulky for a Mustang. Which would make sense seeing as how they came on the Lightning from the factory.
  6. I do not think truck rims will look good on a Mustang and I seem to recall that they will not fit but I am not sure.
  7. I believe the Lightnings have a 5 X 135mm bolt pattern. That's not going to work on a Mustang.