01 Mustang Gt - Is this a Chip?

Oct 10, 2018
I just bought a 01 Gt, while driving I noticed a wire beside the center consul with a nob at the end. Well I twisted the nob and my car shut off. I got the car going again. I have sense noticed that there is a tag on the cord that says chip wire. Is this an aftermarket chip? If so how can I find out what tunes are on it so I don't do something that ruins my car. Thanks!!!
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Jul 12, 2018
Hi, Sounds like a BAMA 4 Bank. I’d just run high Pump Octane in the Car until you find out exactly what the Tunes are. It’s usually a Low Octane (87), and a High Octane (93) Tune, selected by the rotary switch- but I cannot be 100% positive.Tunes created are based on what Bolt on Performance Parts you may have on the Car. BAMA will have the Car’s Vin# or the ID# off the Chipset.
Give BAMA a call and they’ll be happy to help! To verify this is what I suspect, here’s a link to one on AM. https://www.americanmuscle.com/sct-4-bank-computer-chip.html
Good luck!

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