'01 w/ Mach 460...adding iPod and Sirius

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  1. Hey everyone! First off, this is a great site! I have a question I hope someone can answer. Before anyone says it, I did thoroughly search through the forums to try and find the answer to this question but I could not, so if it is here somewhere, I apologize. That being said:

    I have a 2001 Mustang with Mach 460 sound system 6 disc changer. I want to add an iPod (where I can still use the iPod's interface to change songs, NOT just the CD player) AND a sirius sattelite radio receiver AND retain the CD changer functionality without buying a new head unit / radio. I know some PIE thing exists, but I would GREATLY appreciate it if anyone could just send me links of what I would need to buy to make this happen (if it is possible).

    Thanks a LOT in advance!!
  2. You have asked the million dollar audio question. I too have searched for this holy grail...and have decided to replace the head unit and scrap the mach to make my quest much easier.
  3. Well, after also posting on http://www.mustangforums.com I believe I may have the answer. This is a link to my post: http://www.mustangforums.com/m_1842686/mpage_1/key_/tm.htm#1850597 and this is a link to, what I believe, is the "holy grail" http://www.crutchfield.com/S-EJMgzk...w.asp?g=770&tab=essential_info&i=581DFF20#Tab.

    I'll be giving it a shot, but after reading a few posts and the reviews of the product on crutchfield's website, it seems that this DOES give you two inputs AND retains all 6 disc changer functionality!
  4. The instructions say it won't work if the radio has a built in cd changer.
  5. I know thats what it says, but if you read the two posts I linked to and the reviews on crutchfield, at least two or three people said they've used it and it works.
  6. Ok, I hope it works for ya.
  7. let us know if it works