'02 Eibach spring question, pro or sportline? Need help.

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by zealot, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. I drive an '02 V6 and I am in dire need to lower my car. The question is, should I go with the pro or sportline kit from Eibach? The reason I chose Eibach is simply because I don't know too many other springs that are available to lower your car 2". Honestly, I think my car was built higher than most other 6's in '02. When I bought the car, it was tremendously high even with the stock 225/55/16's. A few weeks back I bought 17" Cobra R's wrapped with 255/40/17 and it's a given that the car will look even higher, and it does. It looks so bad right now and I measured the gap and I still have close to a 3-3 1/4" gap between the wheel well to the top of the tire. Will it be ok to drop the car 2" with the sportline kit? My thoughts are that whichever springs I go with, I will install them, let them sit for a couple of weeks and settle and see what I have to work with. If the gap is still big then I guess I can always go up to 255/45/17.

    Let me know all your thoughts.
  2. I went with sportsline on my 2000 GT. the cars sits OK, but looks hell of alot better then it did before. The car did drop a litte after a couple of weeks. for some reason the front seems to look higher then the back so I did the finger test(where you stick your fingers in the fenderwell and see how many finger from tire to car) but it wasn't, forgot how much tho. all in all I say Sportsline
  3. you can by my springs for $100 plus shipping they are brand new back have not been used the front have about 10 miles on them they are mac and are red will lower your car 2 inches after they settle email me at [email protected]