02 Ford Mustang Gt

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  1. I am having trouble with intermittent no crank no start, It will turn on like a champ then I drive it a few miles or leave it on for a while, turn it off then it won't start, turn the key and nothing, I already replaced the starter and ignition switch and did not correct the problem, should I assume it's the fuel pump?
  2. Does "nothing" mean no crank? Or is this always a "crank with no start"? It makes a huge difference.

    Many of the parts replaced so far are expense and labor intensive to replace with no fix. Let's see if we can slow down the "parts changing" and improve the fix score.

    1996+ Crank with no start check list

    If on the other hand this is a "no crank", then the trouble shooting is very different. First focus should be on the neutral safety switches. Which means there are different trouble shooting steps for an automatic vs manual.

    For an automatic transmission try putting your foot on the brake and shifting into neutral. Does it crank now? Then likely there is a problem in the NSS circuits. Could be the transmission range sensor (DTR) is out of adjustment.

    For a cheap low tech quick test, try swapping the starter relay in the battery junction box. There are several relays of the same type or if OK with getting a new one just to rule it out if you prefer.
  3. Nothing means no crank and no start but it is sporadic. It will start sometime s and I have a 5 speed
  4. Confirm there is +12 volts in and out of fuse F2.6 with the key in the start position. Use a KNOWN good ground for testing.

    If there's no voltage there a problem in the ignition switch or wiring fault.

    If there's voltage then check the clutch safety switch (CSS), starter relay, or starter solenoid.

    To check the CSS switch test for +12 volts going into and out of the CSS switch with the key in start. It's also possible to test at the Starter relay pin #85. If no voltage, then suspect a bad CSS.

    If voltage at starter relay pin #85 suspect a bad starter relay. You did swap didn't you?

    1999-2004 MY fuse panel schedule:

    For a no crank problem this is not a bad fuel pump. A bad fuel pump will always have a crank with no start.
  5. Well I already replaced the starter with selonoid and believe it comes with starter relay and also replaced the ignition switch and don't know where fuse F2.6 is located
  6. The starter relay does NOT come with the starter. The starter relay is in the battery junction box located in the engine bay. The starter solenoid is located on the starter.

    Did you not read the links provided? The fuse panel diagrams (pictures) for the location of fuse F2.6 was given in the links provided.

    The tests of the CSS do not require any knowledge of the fuse.
  7. Well I already replaced the starter with selonoid and believe it comes with starter relay and also replaced the ignition switch and don't know where fuse F2.6 is located
    Yes I read it but never saw the diagram just other people having different issues but ok I'll try looking again
  8. Hint. There is a link to (4) PDF diagrams under attached files. They have been downloaded 1000's of times. The first 2 are for the Battery Junction Box (BJB). The next two are for the Central junction box (CJB).


    In all honesty the benefit of the fuse F2.6 test is to find out IF the electric ignition switch is the problem source. Since you have already replaced yours that ship has sailed.

    And since the starter, and starter relay have also been replaced that just leaves the clutch safety switch and a wiring harness fault. It seems to me that since everything else has already been changed out, why stop now? Especially since the CSS does fail frequently enough where it should be one of the first parts tested.

    I honestly have never seen a replacement starter that also came with a starter cube relay. I just don't get the sense that you have checked/changed the starter relay in the BJB. But it's your trouble shooting.
  9. Well the car has been starting fine for the last couple days and did it again today so I press the kill switch and it started could it be the kill switch because now it's doing fine
  10. Or Rather it might be an alarm system but it's a button under the dash board the dealership installed when I bought the car but I will still have the safety switch checked just wondering what you think andbthankbyouvfor your advice also you are correct the starter did not come with the relay just don't know which one is for the starter thank you very much
  11. Oh I found it under the right side of the dashboard and I know where the BJB is but don't know which is the starter relay but think it's #6