02 Mustang 4.6 vortech f/s f/t

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  1. Ive decided to part with my mustang. It is an 02 Laser Red GT with the SOHC 4.6. She has just under 45K on the clock and has been my daily driver now for a few months. Shes got a 70mm acufab t/b and plenum, off road x-pipe and currently has one chamber flow masters on it and i also have the MAC cat back as well. And finally she has a V-1 vortech S-trim supercharger with the Anderson Powerpipe. The car makes 10-11 psi. its tuned pretty mildly as the blower was installed a bit before i made my move from PA to TN. She got 25mpg on the highway with the AC kickin. The only reason ive decided to part with her is i kinda wanna get back into a fox body or something different and i dont wanna drive her every day anymore. She is spotless underneath and the paint is a 7.5-8 out of 10, interior is 9 out of 10. Im interested in trades, so let me know what you got. willing to trade down but will want cash with the deal. i have pics if you are interested. thanks for looking and i can send pics, dont know how to add em on here lol
  2. I have an ad here on stangnet with my car for sale
  3. price and pictures??
  4. damnit that didnt work at all now did it haha
  5. Where in tn are you now?
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  7. Oooohhhh thats how its done lol... Im in clarksville tn
  8. how much u askin 4 it
  9. H
  10. Sorry.....I hit send too soon...have you sold the car?? If not, email me at [email protected] or phone me at 478-213-7022
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