02 mustang GT leaking coolant after head gasket job...


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Jan 5, 2020
Hey guys, I have a 02 mustang GT I just finished a head gasket job on it and when I finished up I filled it up with oil and coolant and I realized I have a coolant leak coming from my passanger side head, if you are stabbing in front of the engine looking in it is on the lower left corner. It’s pouring the coolant out as I pour it in. Could I have put the headgasket on backwards? I know this sounds silly but I bought the fel pro ones ( I attached a picture) the passanger side head the little tiny tabs are facing up and closest to me, on the passanger side they are facing down where I can’t see. How do the head gaskets sit on the v8 4.6 mustang?
Thank you in advanced for the reply’s.


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