'02 shakes and kills while driving

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  1. Need help. The check engine light was on and I got the code read at Autozone. P0402 was the code. After research I found that the best choice was to replace the dpfe sensor. Now the car ran rough (lose power, hit the gas and car would want to stall) low on gas and would sometimes kill. After I replace the sensor car seemed to run ok and the check engine light went out. Now it starts acting up again. Sometimes at about 1/2 tank. I'm getting tired of filling up every other day to avoid stalling and the shakes. I'm leaning toward a fuel injector, but I'm hoping someone ran across this or knows more.
  2. P0402 code - Excessive flow in the EGR system

    First, you may want to see if this is under the emissions warantee. That way the dealer has to fix it, not you. But.......

    Replace your EGR sensor ($20 from the Dealer). See if it still throws a code after awhile. If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the actual EGR valve ($50).
  3. No, I meant to say that I already replaced the sensor and it cleared out the fault code. But it still stalls, rides rough, kinda knocks, jerky... You know like that point right when you run outta gas, but I'm at 1/2 tank. And yes the fuel gauge is working.
  4. I'm sorry, half asleep here.

    Start with the small stuff/cheap stuff first.

    Check your air filter and all the connections back to the TB.
    Check for vacuum leaks.
    Replace the fuel filter.
    Clean the MAF sensor (how to article) and ensure it is put back in the proper orientation.
    TB cleaner.
    Throw some injector cleaner in there and then a little octane boost. Run that for a little while and see if the performance changes at all.

    If not, start going onto the more difficult things.
    If you need to maintain half a tank of gas in order to prevent it from running rough, I would tend to think something might be up with the actual fuel pump.

    Let us know how it goes after you start going though it all.
  5. I 2nd the replace fuel filter idea.. it's a good preventative maintenance thing to do anyway regardless of whether it fixes your problem or not.

    That being said, I suggest since you've already replaced your sensor, that you try replacing the actual EGR valve. If that doesn't fix it, you can always return the valve and troubleshoot elsewhere.
  6. I've changed the fuel filter twice in about 6 months. The first time it was clogged up, second time not bad at all. I ran injector cleaner and didn't help much. See when you fill up, the car runs fine. I had a friend say that the fuel tank might have dirt in it and it gets clogged low on gas. Makes sense. Also had some other guy tell me that it sounded like water in the gas tank. I'm taking it to Ford saturday to get it fixed and done. Tired of this stuff. I want to flush the fuel lines, but don't know if that'll do it.
  7. Let us know what they say and if it works or not?