02 SS vs 07 GT- which would you buy?

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  1. OK, first off, no bashing or childish remarks- I'm 41 years old, don't care about product loyalty nor who can run the fastest, blah blah blah. What I AM interested in is some unbiased comments or suggestions from guys who have Mustangs.

    Some background- I am looking at a 02 SS with 600 original miles on it. Basically the car is brand new. I also am looking at a 07 GT, new off the lot.

    I plan on modding either one I get. With the Camaro, I can add headers, a lid, some tuning, and a free flow exhaust and easily get to the 400 hp mark. The Mustang is not so simple, it is a little tougher to get to that mark with bolt ons, so I planned on going with a Saleen S/C, not only for looks and "cool" factors, but because its a proven upgrade, and won't hurt the resale value either.

    I like the SS's 6 speed tranny, something I don't understand why Ford hasn't done. I also like the SS LS1, for the money and tweakability, its head and shoulders above anything out there. The Mustang though, has the fresh look, a solid chassis, has tons of aftermarket stuff being offered for it, and best of all, is a 2007 model where as the SS is basically going on 6 years old.

    Now- as far as price, I can get the GT for around 28 out the door, and thats pretty much setup the way I want it. 3.55 rear, etc.

    The SS is 26,000.00. I am a little leery paying that much for the car simply because the new Camaro has been announced and I don't see the justification for the inflated values now that its "not the last Camaro ever produced". However, dollar/hp/fun factor- its still a good deal as there just aren't any mid-20's priced cars out there that still give you muscle car performance and sound.

    I would appreciate any pros/cons to either car.

    And, once again I ask that you keep the comments on topic, and no bashing please.
  2. While the Camaro will be more powerful to drive, this choice will totally come down to personal preferece. I prefer the Mustang over the other cars because it does all things well. It doesn't have to be perfect in every catagory, just really good.

    If it were my decision, I would choose the Mustang. But I am holding out until later in 2008 to make up my mind. The table will be full of choices [Challenger / Camaro / More infor on the new Mustang]

    Good luck.
  3. I would go with the Mustang. I am being completely unbiased here:

    1. The biggest seller is the overall quality. Camaros aren't known for their stellar quality especially the interiors. The setup/design/quality is at a late 80's early 90's standard IMO. Plastics are horrible, the weird passenger floor, etc. I'm not saying the new Mustang is an Audi, but it's leaps and bounds ahead.

    2. Handling/Ride quality. Mustang wins hands down.

    3. Reliability. The Mustang is no Honda, but in my experience with Camaros.....

    4. It's new!!!! I understand the SS has only 600 miles, but the fact remains that it's 5 years old.

    the only thing the Camaro SS has going for it is pure unadulterated power. It's a beast, but a hairy beast. Like the above poster said, the Mustang doesnt dominate one category, however, it performs well in all.

  4. I agree with much of what you say- but in the ride/handling dept, its a tie at the minimum, and an edge to the Camaro if you start splitting hairs. I don't think a stock GT handles all that well- at least not the 2 I drove.

    I also think the Mustang, while it may be a bit better interior wise, its still very plasticy (is that a word?) and lacks refinement inside. Both cars leave a lot to be desired interior-wise. The gauges on the GT, while the different colors are cool, look almost cartoonish to me.

    You are 100% right though- the SS is 5 years old, the Mustang is new. That is my major sticking point right now.
  5. Another thing to consider: Since the SS has so few miles most of the seals might have dried up in the engine leading to a lot of leaks. It might not be the case for this car (if it was started often.)

    I agree the Mustang wouldn't win in the handling department. I owned a 3rd Gen F-body from Pontiac and it handled like no other car I've owned since.

    As for the interior of the Mustang, you can now order an upgrade package that comes with soft touch top pad, armrest and door armrest pieces. These 3 things go a long way to improve the interior of the Mustang.

    Still though, this will be your choice. As I suspect if you went over to an F-body forum and asked this same question, everyone there would tell you to get the SS.
  6. tough choice and probably comes down to personal preference. I think the '02 SS has a slight performance advantage stock for stock (~.2 sec in 1/4). and if you plan on modding them both, it may be more economical to mod the SS. I keep hearing that 05+ performance bolt ons are more expensive than other slightly older cars--for whatever reason.

    btw, if you want to see a simulation of an 05+ racing an SS then check out the free drag simulator link on this site. you can also mod the mustang and rerace (can't mod the SS, tho, unfortunately).

  7. Its definitely easier to mod the SS. And, most guys over at LS1.com have stock SS's running ultra low 13's right out of the box. The LS1 motor is truly a beast, and its about the only reason I am even considering the SS.

    Thanks for the unbiased comments so far (that goes out to everyone who's responded) :SNSign:
  8. I will pretty much echo these same sentiments. I have never been a fan of their interiors, any GM interior for that matter, they just don't look or feel all that great to me, that's personal preference though and the SS didn't smack me as being any better.

    The SS is a beast for sure and the 6 speed is surely one of the more attractive features of the car but I think 26k for a 5 year old car is a bit much to spend.
  9. as far as handling goes, the 05+ GT is better, especially after suspension upgrades... it didnt beat out 996's, M3's, etc in the trans am league by not handling...

    in fact it was underpowered compared to the 996 porsches and still won...
  10. The Mustang has all the advantages that much newer technology brings. The Camaro wasn't even good quality for its time. Personally, neither one fits my personality in the looks department, but the Mustang is clearly the superior car so I would choose it on that.
  11. I am 44 and just purchased a 07 GT Mustang. Being that we are close to the same age, we can agree on the beauty of the body style. Several issues that I can attest to when you buy a new GT Mustang, espically if it is red. Food taste better, sex is better, and your career will take off just by owning the Mustang.
  12. $26,000 is way to much to spend on the SS. You can find a low milage 02 for 17-18k. Out of the box it will take a 05+ GT, even moreso at higher speeds. Not sure how the Stang handles but an SS is no slouch in the corners. It has an upgraded suspension compared to a Z28. $ per HP is also to the LS1's advantage. If speed is what you want you can't beat the LS1. The Mustang on the other hand is a brand new car. It's decently fast stock (can be made very fast also), has a brand new chassis (not 9 years old), HAS A WARRANTY, and it looks pretty sweet. Personally I wouldnt think about spending 26k on the SS , if you can find one for 17-18k you would have a business case but
    $26k 02 SS < $28k 07 GT
  13. Bowtiesblow is impartial:lol: . I would go with the new stang too. The SS is so dated. My last car was an older vehicle with lower miles and things broke and needed to be replaced just because of age. Don't let the mileage fool you. It is nice and all, but the car is still almost 5 years old. If you really like the Camaro, wait for the new one. You know the SS will return.
  14. I was at a Camaro show today (they invite the other clubs to join which is always nice). They had a wack of bowtie cars there obviously, including some newer Z28 and a few SS. A couple thinks smacked me up side the head as I just don't pay any real mind to these cars anymore.

    The interior, yeah it's still yuck. I hear people complain about the Mustang back seat, umm, anyone looked at the late model Camaro? Yikes!

    And the motor, how do people work on that? A quarter to a third of it is under the cowl.

    All that being said I did see a lot of nice camaros, firechickens and Vette's but the nicest rides there were the classic 69 Z and a 57 Chevy 2 door, which oddly enough won best Camaro and the 57 won best of show.
  15. Another issue, is that the Chevy is used. I dont care if it only has 600 miles on it. A used vechicle does not compare to new one. A prime example is a Dodge truck. It may list for 30k on the lot, but when it crosses the gutter in front of the dealership it is still a used chrystler product.
    Now granted you are talking about a sweet car, and I am sure it only has 600 miles on it because some collector bought it as an investment, not because of some other reason. But do you want to be someones interest rate or do you want a sweet car. I say buy the Mustang.
  16. Id say go with the Mustang, people like new cars. plain and simple. if they see you in a camaro, then will see an old styled car, if they see you in a NEW mustang, they will think you have a brandnew car. so unless you really want to use the car for some play on the track or something than get the mustang.
  17. I bought an brand spanking new 01 Z28 stripper "no options", and it had some issues right out of the box. It was back at the dealer for a broken ring and pinion/diff at 2k miles. The dealer rebuilt the rear twice under warranty. I did it 3 times... broken axle, and two gear sets. The 10 bolt is weak sh**. A 12-bolt or 9" will cost about $2500

    Here are some other issues.
    1. Oil consumption, the Ls1 is an oil burner. Oil gets sucked though the PCV valve and then there is the blow-by. See number 2

    2. Piston slap ( sounds like a diesel) first only when cold, then it never went away :notnice:

    3. The roof started to bubble, looked like rust bubbles, but GM used the "wrong" glue and it started to "gas" and caused the paint to bubble up and eventually the glue started to ooze out!! Gm wouldn't cover it.

    4. The light sockets melted, yes they melted! both front and one rear. I went to AutoZone and found some cheap replacements for about $10, GM wanted $60

    The problems I had with that car are not isolated go to ls1tech and search :)

    Be prepared to shatter the rear and deal with piston slap, that is a given with most Ls1 powered F-bodies.

    The car was fast and handled great, better than my 05 GT. They are about as complicated as a hammer, therefor very easy to work on. Did I mention fast :D 26k is to much unless it's going to be a trailer queen.

    The Mustang is a better built car.