02 V6 Ring & Pinion Swap


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Aug 17, 2020
Hey all just a quick question after a bit of input.

2002 V6
(Original Owner)
Motiv 3.73 Gears
SCT flash tuner

(more mods but no need to list them for this post)

Just recently had my gears swapped out for Motiv 3.73’s (stock 7.5 rear) by a very reputable licenced mechanic that builds and races stock cars. He was actually recommended by the local Ford Dealership.

Everything went smooth and I flashed the car for 3.73 gears.

Drove it easy and no hwy for the first day or so to break them in.

After that started driving more normal i.e. healthy shots of gas etc.

Car responded great and you could feel the difference in the gears then when it would shift from 1st to 2nd it would hit hard. Did that a couple times and I started to worry. Next day drove it home on the hwy and the whining started from the gears. Downshift from 2nd to 1st was now firm.

No real low end feel from start anymore ( feels like the old gears) but chirps when shifts from 1st to 2nd occasionally.

Anyway, brought it back to the mechanic and pinion gear was bad. (He inspected all the bearing when it was apart and they all looked perfectly fine so we didn’t use the “new” bearing kit that I purchased with the gears, just decided to hold onto them).

So now it’s all repaired and put back together but still feels lazy off the start.

Was wondering if a re-flash would make adifference?

If anyone could give their input I would greatly appreciate it. We love this car and are planning on having it for as long as we’re on this earth.

Just looking for some sound advice and not verbal diarrhoea if ya get what I mean.

Thanks in advance!



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