1. No it's not.
  2. A Vette is but not an F-body.:nice:
  3. For all you Camaro experts out there:

    On a 02 z-28 the throttle cable is connected to a black box on the right side of the engine bay and a servo motor opens the throttle body. This is an integral part of GM's traction control for the LS1 which closed the trottle and retarded the timing when the wheels broke loose. The LS1 Vette has different heads and intake than a Z228 but virtually the same engine controls.
  4. this is ONLY if you get the traction control option other wise its directly hooked to the pedal.

    and yes it was a option i have seen them BOTH ways.

    and the servo motor DID NOT open the throttle there was a cleaver setup in there where it could CLOSE IT pull it back etc but it was nto responsible for opening it.

    im fairly sure of this as i have worked on many ls-1 and you can depress the throttle and the linkage moves even with the key turned off and no power to the computer or traction controll.
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    You know they even came with them there old timey hand cranked windows.

    Apparently you are the expert, as I have no idea what that thing is in my driveway, or how it works.:owned:
  6. All 2002 Z28 Camaro's have traction control.
  7. the f-body and the vette have the same motors from 98 and up. 97 was the first year for the ls1 which was only found in the vette. the 97 f-body still has the lt1. 98 was the first year for the f-body to host the ls1. now getting into my wife's 02 ls1 it's a little different from the previous years ls1's due to it being the 35th anniversary and last production year of the camaro. the 2002's have the ls6 intake on them and if it is a m6 it also has the z06 clutch in it. all vettes and f-body cars up until the new body style vette have throttle linkage and do not have the fly by wire bullcrap on them. As far as mods go it's simple... a pushrod motor will make more horsepower end of story. example: our 05's with longtubes and a cams only will make maybe 325-330 rwhp. take a stock ls1 slap a set of longtubes on and a t-rex cam and your sitting around 410-415 to the ground. plain and simple. Don't get me wrong I love my 05 to death but the ls1 is just a sick motor and very responsive to mods.
  8. Only the LS1 Vettes of that era were throttle-by-wire. Z-s8 and TAs were linkage.
  9. Wrong
  10. I run 13.1 @ 106 with a few mods,if you cant beat that with 2500 invested you suck at life.
  11. I just looked in my 2002 Z28 brochure, and it says Traction Control is optional across the board - V6, Z28 and SS. Probably not too many Z28's or SS's out there without it, but it appears that you could get one without it if you really wanted to.
  12. Alternative Autos ran a [email protected]
    No suspension work, and no exhaust parts replaced , an under drive crank pulley and a set of Steeda IRMC or “Charge motion” delete plates, a 3.55, C&L plus a 2400 Stall converter.
  13. Hey blk05stang......congrats on your wifes purchase. If you ever start having problems with knock retard and all the usual things are ok...plugs/wires/sensors ect. try cleaning the MAF wire with electronic cleaner or alcohol. I didn't let my [email protected] filter dry completely when I reoiled it one time and after a weekend of being pissed off someone on LS1.com suggested that my wire was coated with oil from the filter. That was the only problem I had with my '99 Z.......besides traction problems.
  14. 3 free mods and a cutout....throw a lid on and you may see 12's
  15. Back to topic, this is my point. The LS1 is a great motor but a GT with $2500 or less in mods CAN run with an LS1 with a few free mods with no problem. People are doing it so you can't argue that.
  16. No doubt about that....I mean they come with 300hp stock. The 99-04 was a low 14 sec. car and with a few mods--full exhaust, gear, drag radials, pullies, they could put up a good fight. So with 40 more HP it's no wonder that the 05+ are so close.

    Keeping up only works when the LS1 has very light mods though. Start adding heavy bolt-ons or cracking the motor open and the LS1 really starts to shine. The options are endless regarding ways in which to mod the LS1. The aftermarket has also gone crazy. I was just looking at shortblocks and one place had forged shortblocks for $1800! Who knows what kind of specials they'll run with Christmas coming up.

    With the 4.6 GT, it seems as though forced induction is the only way, save for the rare examples. I was looking on Corral and a full bolt-on 3v with ported heads made 33x rwhp.....all that work to barely make more power than a LS1 with $150 in mods? I haven't even mentioned gas mileage.

    It may seem like I say this because I have one, but mine is up for sale and about 3 days away from a new home in Germany.:(
  17. I agree with you totally, the only point I was trying to make in the beginning is that you can't say that a lightly modded GT can't run with the LS1 described in the first post. That being said, you could actually beat up on the LS1s if you threw a procharger supercharger in there and were making 600 hp. That is if you don't blow the engine in a year. Personally I am not planning on supercharging my GT without getting some forged internals first. Other than a supercharger though, in a strait bolt on dollar for dollar war the LS1 wins, in a large part b/c they are starting with 5.7 and not 4.6.
  18. thats a rough guesstimate...and for your info I haven't ran it yet. But that is the second time you have posted that comment. I guess I hit a nerve with putting the Ls1 up against our 4.6? Are you offended...? Your ingnorant to the discussion of the pushrod against the modular and I wanna know what mods you have as well cause I'm calling your bull ****:bs:
  19. blk05stang, congrats on your new purchase, but this is turning into a ls1/3v fight again. i hope you enjoy your car, but dont let everyone here argue with you all day long about the ls1/3v topic. it has been discussed many times over and over and over.
  20. That is usually why people post topics like this. Why else would someone post about a Camaro in a Mustang forum??????