1. When did I post that coment before?I have nothing against LS1's,they are great motors,and have tons of potential. If I had not bought this car I would have most likely bought a LSx powered GM. I'm ignorant to the discussion of pushrods versus modulars??? :shrug: Where did that come from? You are kinda right I guess considering this is my first modular,so I don't know a whole lot about them. I know plenty about push rod motors though. Mods are in the sig.My car/times isn't really considered fast for the mods as far as 05's go,I can't even hit a 1.8 on DR's. Plenty of people have gone 12's with my setup.

    I'm just saying if you put 2500 into making the stang go faster,and you can't beat a 13.1 @ 104,you suck at driving. I said nothing about how mod for mod what car will do what. The LS1 will always have an advantage,its got a litre of CC's over the stang,doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
  2. didn't try to start a debate on the difference between the two... I was just simply stating the fact that the two cars are so close but yet so far away from each other. I just wish that ford could have kept up and stayed in the 4valve area and the DOHC with these Gt's. How sick would that be. I have the priviledge of owning both platforms and I was just caught up in the fact that with free mods and a cut out the car almost ran in the 12's. Not fair to us ford guys but thats the fun of this s*!t. I am aiming for the ls1's just as much as the rest of you....but I want to look past them and hunt Vipers as well. But we can't forget the fact that our 03 and 04 cobras are also in the picture. Bastards :nonono:
  3. I don't understand all the hyping beside the LS1.

    - Yes, they are faster than a '99-'04 GT
    - Yes, they are as fast or a bit faster (0.2-0.3 seconds and 2-3 mph) than a '05 GT

    BUT... Just a few mods on a GT will give surprising results against a LS1.

    Here's a vid showing a GT M5 w/ 4.10, mid pipe & predator vs a LS1 M6 w/ catback: Video
  4. GONE!!!! see ya!!!
  5. That video is pretty questionable,sure that wasn't a V6 camaro?
  6. 100% sure, it's a friend of mine. It's a '98 Z28 with Hurst shifter and catback. It's decently fast, he generally doesn't have problem with stock NA Stangs. Our 4.6s like to rev, we just need 3 or 4 mods to keep up with them.

    I also tried against a SS LS1 w/ 4.10, exhaust and chip... It was alot closer, but I still pullsed a carlenght or so on him.
  7. just for the skeptics, do a daylight race, with a walk around of the cars......
  8. Should be a drivers race between the cars leaning towards the stang,but not by bus lengths. Is he starting off in the right gear? From the Ls1's I've raced there is no way by putting in 4.10's that i would pull that hard. You can't even see the front of the car rise in the vid. If he hit it at the right rpm that thing should come up a bit. I don't know somthing doesn't add up. Good kill either way.
  9. What year is that stang? :scratch:
  10. '01... The statement is also true for a '05. :p
  11. For your mods you have the fastest 01 GT on the planet.:jaw: or you full of ****.:shrug: Not calling B.S.:nice: just hard to believe
  12. Heheheheh thanks.

    I didn't mention the Flowmaster and MAC CAI so you can add about 2 hp to my initial description. You're right, this is fast for a '01 GT but I bought the car at 14K miles under full warranty and it doesn't sound like it's cammed or like it has head work.

    LT1 / LS1 people don't like me... The SS LS1 owner even came at a local meet to inspect my engine bay.

  13. That video proves nothing.
  14. It's still better than no video... :lol:
  15. No, not really:lol: I see no engine pics, cars in daylight etc... no nothing. Is that even an Ls1? Is it broken?
  16. The opponents:

    No engine pic, unfortunately. We both started in 2nd gear at about 30 mph. You can hear me shifthing 3rd, 4th and 5th gears in the video. Would a V6 Camaro stay less than 4 carlenghts behind at that speed? :shrug:

    Plus it's a friend of mine, I sat in his car and it sounds nowhere like a V6.

    Anyway, I thought you guys would enjoy the vid... If you don't believe the results, I don't really care. :p I know what happened and it's all what I need to know.
  17. Ok, I believe you. BTW nice car.:nice:
  18. Hehehehe thanks.

    For your pleasure, here's another teaser vid against a mid 12s @ 108 mph STI (Cobb Accessport with custom tune, exhaust, intake): video (**** miss shifts, I was tired and nervous that day).

    This demonstrates what our underated 4.6s can do with the appropriate bolt-ons.
  19. Try to find one running on all 8.
  20. Good idea! Thanks for the tip. :nice: