1. With just a couple of mods I'm in the high 12's.
    With exhaust UD Pulleys and gears I should get into the mid 12's.
    My road race suspension doesn't help at the track but makes it more enjoyable on the street.


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  2. Guys, seriously... The LS1's are faster than a Stock 05. They are Dynoing to the rear wheels what our cars are rated at.

    The after market has not had a chance yet to expose the 3V 4.6. We don't have any Cam options available yet other than Regrinds. Heads? Well anyone got theirs worked yet? We may find a good port job and a cam swap with a Tune may get us 40-50 more HP at the wheels. :shrug: Who knows yet.

    All I know is that the LS1 is a bad ass motor, and it has a 1.0L advantage. Give it some time... if you had a Vette with an LS1 in 97... there wasn't a boat load of Mods you could do then. ITs now been almost 8 years since that Ls1 hit the road. Look at all the mods for the regual and DOHC 4.6 out there. We will eventually have all of that. We jus thave ot make up for the extral 1L of dispalcement.

    Ls1's are faster out of the box that a 2005GT... I dont care what car you hav e with an LS1..including 04 GTO. THough, not to say that after a few mods we wont catch up to them or bea them. It depends on which mods you choose to do. LT Headers with High Flow cats with a 93 Tune and a CAI may take care of our few less ponies.

    BTW That video.... did he know you were racing? Doe si thave 200K miles? No way that was a properly tuned and operating LS1. :notnice: