Mach 1 03-04 Cobra blower on a 04 Mach 1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Black1987Stang, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. My friend has an 04 Mach 1 5 speed and this kid has a 03-04 Cobra. He wants to trade her stock intake plus 500 bucks for his intake, blower, etc. down to the intercooler pump. What would she need to do this swap? like timing covers, brackets? crank pulley? wiring harness? etc.. He wants her n/a intake because he's going turbo. Would everything swap over?
  2. Check out the someone on that site maybe able to help you
  3. Make sure that she knows there is a major difference between his car and hers. His lower end is forged and there for making it able to handle the boost. A machs lower end is not. Also and after market charger kit for a mach includes a bypass valve i don't think an 03-04 cobra charger has on since it is a roots style charger. Which means when she lets off the gas and the charger is still spinning that boosted air has no where to go so it puts extra pressure on everything in the motor the motor has high compression anyway. Under that pressure her lowerend last too long. You should check with the Cobra guys they will know the difference between the motors.
  4. One of the main differences is the lower intake, the stock eaton off of the cobra will not bolt directly onto your mach lower intake so make sure you are trading everyting, you will aslo want to go with the 90mm mass and and 43Lb injectors with a custom dyno tune, like DOHC otto siad the mach lower end is not fordged and also ahs a higher compression so run lower boost so you will not have detination issues, id go with 6-8lbs max.

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