03-04 cobra coil packs

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  1. I have an intermittent stumble. A friend of mine at ford said that ford coils commonly fail and to replace them just because of there age. I am wanting to know if any of you have used like an msd coil or gms what ones should I look to buy.
  2. Well my car has always had a stumble at idle and I have tried everything to fix it, now I just live with it.

    However on the subject of coils, here is what I would do:
    -remove the coils
    -clean the plug wells and remove any water
    -clean the COP boots
    -lubricate the boots with a light coating of silicone spray
    -have the coils tested at the stealership
    -replace with OEM as needed

    I doubt your stmble will ever go away but it never hurts to check the coils esp if they have a lot of miles or you have had water in the wells.
  3. Sorry for the miild resurrection here, Kilgore... :D

    8.8, any noticable difference? Im noticing the stumble more and more often on mine (1st to 3rd, low rpm but heavy pedal/WOT) and am looking for remedy before $600 set of coil packs.

    Dad's 5.4 2V (E150) just replaced 2 coil packs and solved same problem.

  4. You can take your coils to the stealership and have them load tested or you can use a multitester and a Haynes manual to test yourself.
  5. I would check the plugs though first...
  6. By measuring the ohms over the the COP terminals, right? The haynes manual is a little vague, is it pretty straight forward? A little harder question, is there anything specific to look at over my data logger, like which log is specific to the COP performing as it should?

    Either way will clean and re-gap the plugs, as well as the dielectric over the terminals, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. lol forgot to respond to this post. auto zone and shucks both gave me the wrong heat range plugs so that was my stumble or spark blow out. the car now and then will run funny and that scars me because of the 2.7 pulley I dont want to blow it up
  8. Buy some NGK TR6 plugs and gap them @ .032 and let-er-rip!