03/04 Cobra engine in 05 mustang?

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  1. Does anyone know how I would go about finding out if an 03/04 cobra
    motor can be used in a 05 mustang GT. I would like to make my own special
    edition 05 if ford is not going to give us one.
    I would like to buy a new/used 2003/04 cobra engine and have professionally
    installed as soon as i get an 05 Gt and sell the brand new 3V motor.
    It may be impossible to swap but I dont know much about engine swaps, such as if I would need a new computer or if it could be reflashed, I also dont know if the engine will line up with the trans or if a good shop can custom fit it? I'm sure I am missing alot more but thats why I am looking for advice.

    Thank You.
  2. aww man, If you can afford to do that then you could also:

    just go to sean hyland motorsports.com, theyve got longblocks for sale,
    and find a shop to install it for you (they have a 5.2 liter cobra longblock that puts out 450 hp without a supercharger)

    Then if you want more you can supercharge it later (and take it past 600hp).

    or even get a shop to build you an engine based on the 5.4 block that will make 500hp naturally aspirated. Through engine shops you can get exactly what you want and you can build a much stronger longer lasting engine.

    If you find a good enough shop you can put ANY engine in ANY car.
  3. we won't be able to tell till it comes out. They had to change the setup to fit the motor so it will be close anyway. SPace is your enemy

  4. The bell housing pattern should be the same, the flywheel bolts may be different. But you will have to put in a new trannie too. There is no way either the T-3650 (MTX 5 speed) or the 5R55S (auto 5 speed) will last with 400 HP, you will destroy either one of them.

    The biggest problems you will have are the computer system and the whole electonics system will not be compatible with the 03/04 Cobra engine. Cooling could be another issue, you'll probably need a larger capacity radiator. The hood may not be high enough for the blower. The Cobra engine air intake is at the rear and wraps around the passenger side of the engine (air intake on passenger side) The 05 GT has the air intake in front and the air-box is on the driver's side.

    It's not impossible, but it will be a complicated and expensive swap.

    You will be better off waiting until Ford Racing, Roush or Saleen come out with bolt on blower kits for the 05 Mustang. The 3V heads flow almost as well as the 4V heads, so 400 HP should be possible.
  5. It should probably fit, but you'll need a cowl hood and the T-56 tranny from the Cobra as well. For the cost of all that, just wait for the SVT model to come out, which will be more powerful, have better handling, and come with a warranty. Or you could just start building up the bottom end for boost and then when available, get a supercharger kit for the 3V motor, which would be capable of more than enough power. There's going to be plenty of bolt-ons for the 3V to get you close to 380hp at the wheels. I'd wager that with a ram-air intake, pullies, full exhaust and a computer you'll be seeing around 350rwhp. That's a great starting point then for a blower. Even just running 6-8psi, you'd have enough power to eat stock C6's for lunch and go Viper hunting for dinner.
  6. not true. tell me how u can get a cobra engune in a civic. impossible. frontwehel drive car rear wheel engine. (and space) :shrug: .
  7. Well they shoehorned one of these engines into a Focus . . . which if Front Wheel Drive. :shrug:

    Learn before you speak. Anything can be done with enough $$$ and the right shop. :shrug:
  8. To the original poster, wait till the car comes out. You might be surprised by the power level these things will acheive with a KB or something on that order.

  9. So true....
  10. Thanks for the replys.
    Even if I wait for a blower to be developed for the 05, whats that 400-415 RWHP
    it is killing me to read about 03 cobras with upgraded blowers with 550-650 RWHP
    I want those numbers with the 05 body style, thats why I thought maybe an 03/04
    cobra motor in the 05 then throw a kenne bell on it. When i bought the 99 cobra when it came out I had to wait a whole year before a supercharger was developed for it and I was only pumpin out 400 RWHP and I was still nervous roaming the streets afraid of
    modified or sprayed LS1's. " My day has come this time " just dont know how yet.
    BTW I cant wait for a SE mustang, I need one in oct and i need it be fast as sh**.
  11. What do you think it is about the 03/04 Cobra motor that allows it to handle that kind of power? There's no reason you can't rebuild the 05 3V engine to have appropriate internals, and it'll handle that kind of power as well. And I don't think it'll be long before there are blowers available for the 05.

  12. http://www.kugelkomponents.com/focus/focus.html

    If you have enough money a shop can do most anything.
  13. First, with that kind of power, you better start thinking about more then just motor. Trans won't handle it, plus the need for suspension upgrades.

    As far as only 400-415rwhp, I think you are going to be shocked by the numbers this engine will be able to produce with a power adder. I bet a KB with 14# of boost will make around 475-500rwhp on this engine, unfortunately, you will need a better bottom end.

    Those 3V heads and vv timing is really going to wake that 4.6 up.
  14. If you "need" an 03 motor in your 05 Mustang, you better expect to be spending $30,000 on top of the purchase price. Call up Sean Hyland Motorsports and ask what they can do for you. Find a dealer who can get one shipped directly to SHM as soon as it comes in (I doubt SHM can get one shipped from the factory) so they can remove the engine, computer, transmission, etc etc and install the 03 Cobra setup. Then you'll want the Kenne Bell blower installed, along with full exhaust, CAI, custom chip, etc. Then they'll need to custom fabricate a new hood for you (not to mention design the exhaust system from the ground up as this is a whole new chassis). All of this work will take about two months to do under the best of circumstances. You won't have your car ready until December or January.

    So, if you're willing to spend all that money, go for it. I'm sure SHM or another shop would love to have a project car like yours to develop new toys on.

    Maybe you should consider the time and money involved, and think instead about building up your motor to handle boost (the bottom end is pretty much identical to the current motors). By the time you're done with that, somebody will have exhaust and CAI (ram-air maybe? :D) available for the car, and a blower will follow shortly.

    I don't think you really want to be spending as much money on this car as it would take to do all these things, but if you really have the money, then go for it.