03-04 Cobra front bumper

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  1. I have another used 2003 - 2004 Cobra front bumper cover that I am going to list. This front bumper cover is Urethane just like the factory Ford cover, but is not an actual Ford part. It needs to be painted, but there are no tears, rips or gouges in it. I compared it to the factory bumper cover that I just sold and it is identical as far as, all of the mounting points and holes are in exactly the same locations. I am asking $275 for this bumper cover shipped to any where in the continental US. I can also deliver it up to 150 miles from my home for $225. If you want to pick it up from me I will let it go for $200.

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  2. I am located in Jacksonville, FL
  3. I must have been to high lots of looks, but no offers, so I have reduced the price take a second look.
  4. Bumper

    Hey you still have the bumper? Are you willing to do $225 shipped to Brandon, MS?
  5. $275 shipped, sorry not going to pay to ship it to some one and lose money on it.
  6. bumper

    hey, i know i probably should've asked this before talking about price, but do you know if this bumper cover will mount to a v6. I know some of the replica's do, but just want to be sure. I would hate to buy something that doesn't even fit my car. Thanks
  7. SOLD.

    Thanks again to all those who aksed questions and took an interest!
  8. im located in Orlando do you still have it and it is Black Correct?
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