03-04 Cobra gas mileage?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by virgin04GT, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. i know the window sticker says 16 and 22, but what does it really get on the highway? a 6 speed on the highway has to do better than 22. anyone got any numbers for me? i'm looking into buying one, but its got to do better than 22 on the highway. i used to cruise with my 04 gt at 60 and get 30 mpg. i know a gt is no cobra by any means, but its got to do a bit better than 22.
  2. Before I put the 2.93 upper on my car I could eek out 17/25 as long as I drove it like there were egg shells under the accelerator. No shifting above 1900 RPMS! Now with my upper pulley I get just a little less, about 16/24. Keep in mind it only takes a couple blasts of WOT to put all those numbers in the schitter!

  3. Meat is basically spot on about this one. My best highway mileage from two weeks ago was 25.09. My average is closer to 23.5 to 24. In the city I keep my foot in it a bit and I see about 12 on the average. My '99 'vert was close to 30 on the highway and around 15 in the city.

    As a convertible, mine is a bit heavier and the top is down almost all of the time. I have found that it makes no difference on the highway either up or down, but I am not sure about the city. Either way, the 'vert gets a bit less than the coupe because of the weight and the top, up or down, causing more aerodynamic drag.

  4. Then again.... if you're worried about MPG you shouldn't even be considering a Terminator! :)

  5. Meat is correct....if your looking for gas mileage the Terminator is not the car for you. I sold an '03 GT convertible which I got about 15 or 16 mph in the city and around 26 or so on the highway before the 3:73 gears not sure about after the gears...sold it not long after. I now have an '03 Cobra convertible...which in town it gets about 10-12 but, I haven't been on the highway enough to gauge it. Like Meat says though, you'll have to drive it like a grandma which I have a hard time doing.
  6. i'm not going to buy it specifically for gas mileage, but i'd like to know what i could get. make sense? i know i might not always get the max, but i'd like to know what i'm getting myself into before i jump in.
  7. I average 20mpg in combination city/highway driving. My Terminator is bone stock.
  8. i have an 03 cobra with 3500 miles on her
    i average about 14 around town
    everyone always asks what i get
    i lie and i tell em i never check
    with a car like this who cares?
  9. Cobras are not made for gas mileage debates, they are enthusiast cars. They are made for using alot of gas, in turn, you get what everyone else wishes for.