Expired 03/04 Cobra Hat & KB FRPS damper disc

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  1. I have a Cobra dual pump hat with the Lethal Performance PPRV delete kit($82 new) installed less than a month ago. I have receipt for PPRV if needed. It will come with 2 stock Cobra pumps(one with a repaired nipple), but I am pretty sure there is something wrong with them. I am around 400whp and they started dropping pressure at 5800 rpm. I recommend NOT using the pumps, but the hat and hoses will work great. It also comes with the fuel line that goes from the fuel hat to the fuel filter. It DOES NOT come with fuel level sender, but I had my GT level sender on this setup. All you have to do is drill a hole in the sender bracket and use the screw that's on the pump bracket. I'll take $60 +shipping & PayPal fees.

    I also have a KB fuel rail pressure sensor (FRPS) Damper Disc for sale. It was purchased about a month ago for $20 new. I'll let it go for $10 shipped, or I'll include it with the Cobra hat if it sells first.

    PM me or text 601-506-1558


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