03-04 Cobra Hood Vents?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chalosf, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. I bought an 03 cobra hood but it did not come with the 2 black vent inserts..Does anybody know where to get them other then ford dealership? Are there cheaper 3rd party ones? Or maybe someone upgraded to something more fancy and would like to sell thers?
  2. I'm not sure I still have my stock vents or not. I replaced mine with a set of these.


  3. They look sweet..To bad those are like $160..if you find the stock ones let me know.
  4. Sweet hood vents...anybody no where I can order those from?

  5. Great...I'll check it out....Thanks for the help...
  6. They are made by Fore Precision Works.

  7. thats way too expensive for hood vents...

    where can i get the stock ones? i just got a cobra hood and need some as well...

    also what do u guys do when it rains? doesnt it just rain through and mess up the engine?

  8. Rain just goes through the stock one too. I completely removed mine and cut out the ridge that it use to sit on. Try e-bay
  9. I found some cheap ones at some forums so hopefully they get shipped soon, already paid the guy...but here are some on ebay:

  10. Hey if anyone is still looking for these... go check out Lethal Performance They carry Fore Precision Works stuff and give good discounts on their parts!
  11. and for some reason their site hasn't worked now going on 3 weeks... :thinking:
  12. Perhaps STACYSTANGZ can enlighten us why his website doesn't work?
  13. Those links have always worked for me?

    Sounds like a PEBKAC error. :)

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    The site is workin for me, I just clicked on tha link above.

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