03-04 Cobra mods and power increase

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 03mustangcobra, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I never would have beleived it, CAI, SCT tune Reichard blower pulley 452 RWHP! I'd sure like some feedback from other Cobra owners on what their mods and dyno numbers were.

    What should I do next?
  2. exhaust, IRS brace, Mathis brackets, subframes, lower pulley, TB, blah blah blah... :)
  3. 452 with just those three mods? Really? What size pulley? Still got the stock exhaust? If so I'd get a cat-back next and enjoy another potential 15-20 RWHP increase...

  5. I thin the pulley was 2.9", but will have to check for sure, stock exhaust. What type of exhaust do you recommend? I am a weekend driver, drag strip once or twice a year and am not looking for loud, just good flow.
  6. good numbers. im expecting similar with my 2.93 pulley install.

    what was the torque?
  7. Torque was 479.
  8. 479? jesus.

    im pretty familiar with cobra dyno numbers now and that seems high. does it have a lower pulley? 2#?
  9. No, no lower pulley, just CAI, SCT tune and blower pulley. The car dynoed at around 385 torque before any mods, and same day 479 after the mods.
  10. I'd sure like to see the dyno sheet on that. I've never heard of a 2.93/CAI/Tune Cobra makeing that kind of power before, at least not breathing through the stock exhaust. I must be missing something...

  11. I have been trying to post the dyno sheet for the last 30 mins. I cannot seem to get it to a small enough file size. Any ideas? if not give me a fax number and I'll send it to you.
  12. host the image on a free site and post it. like picturetrail.

    that torque seems too high, the hp i can believe. normally a 2.93 car with an intake makes around 440/440 from what ive seen, give or take a bit.
  13. Sorry, tried to post at picturetrail.com, but seems that I cannot make it past the marketing BS (free stuff always seems to suck). Email me at [email protected] and I will send you the dyno. The first pull (bone stock) is 367.79 rwhp, 386.14 torque, with cai 391.32, and 392.04 torque, then with cai, sct tune and blower pulley 452.53 rwhp and 479.63 torque. This is from a Dynojet Research dyno at excessive motorsports in Manassas, VA.

    The car feels much different, sideways is a given now, my gtech 0-60mph is higher now as I am not used to the car as of yet. Trust me, the car is not slower it just spins the first 3 gears. I need to get used to it and change the tires. The car has 21,000 on the original tires, goodyear f1 gs -- decent tire, but don't think it is set up for drag racing.
  14. My car made 447/470 corrected with same mods + Magnaflow catback.
  15. What is your car? I am assuming '03 or '04 cobra. Let me know
  16. Don't know about you, but I had a 04 GT convertable before. I am so glad to have traded it for the 03 Cobra. What are you going to do next? I am up in the air as to which mods I want to do, so am looking for input.
  17. I am thinking ported blower... if i do this i will also have to upgrade the MAF.
  18. What do you think that will cost? What do you expect to see in terms of RWHP increase?
  19. it's $495...most are getting around 50 RWHP/16RWTQ...a good value