03-04 Cobra mods and power increase

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  1. What do you have to do to get it ported? do you have to remove it, box it up and ship it out, or do you have a local shop that can do it for you?
  2. Yes, you must remove it and ship it to Stiegemier in St louis. He offers one day turn around to minimize downtime. He is a well repected vendor in the SVT community...
  3. Is that something that can be done (ie remove the blower) by a reasonable backyard mechanic?
  4. Many average people have sucessfully done it...
  5. BTW he(Stiegemeir) has a removal/install writeup on his website...
  6. Sounds Awesome! Let us all know how it works out. I'd have no problem doing that at that price for that horsepower gain.
  7. I sent 03mustangcobra an email with an address to send his dyno sheet to and I'll host/post it for him here in this thread. I'm wondering if his numbers are STD or SAE? If those are SAE numbers and he's running through the stock exhaust then he's got one very strong Terminator.

  8. Thanks, I got the email and will send it this weekend.

    Does anyone have an opinion on doing long tube headers on 03-04 cobra's ,but leaving the rest of the exhaust stock? Any potential power gain?
  9. Not a good bang-for-the-buck mod on a mildly modified 03/04. If you were running big boost with a KB or Whipple it would make more sense, but in this instance the cost of the headers plus the MAJOR PITA it is to install them just ain't worth it. Your next mod should be a cat-back & mid-pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yeah, I know the cat back and and X make more sense, but I hated the drone at highway speeds on my 04 GT. I would really like the power, but don't want the drone, or loudness that this might cause.
  11. Well the right combo won't drone, but there's not a lot you can do about the noise! Bassani does make a cat-back that allows you to add baffles to the tips. I believe the Bassani baffles will even fit the Magnaflow tips. Still will be louder than stock. No way around that. The price you pay for easy HP.... :D

  12. u guys are my heros.........no seriously, i'm not joking.

  13. Sounds like you need a father figure! Just kidding. Meat really knows his stuff.
  14. As promised here is 03mustangcobra's dyno sheet. Pretty impressive for such minimal mods.


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  15. Do you see any issues with the air/fuel? Do you think that porting the blower, throttle body etc would produce significant power gains without exhaust mods?
  16. No. Yes.

  17. nice A/F! You may want to try just a Magnaflow catback. I ran just the maggies with the stock midpipe for awhile, and the drone was not there at all.

    Damn, I can not believe that you are running the stock exhaust!! You have alot more will power then any of us! These cars are WAAAAAYYYY too nasty to be as quite as they are from the factory!

  18. That might be worth a try.
  19. it is!:D

  20. Ok, how can I be running more power than you? You have a Kenne Bell on, that should be good for 550-600rwhp, or am I way off?