03-04 Cobra mods and power increase

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 03mustangcobra, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. oh, your not.......not even close. No offense, not to sound cocky. What gave you that idea?
  2. Just to clarify, Last spring I was running a 13# pulley on my KB. Netted me 512hp, 445tq at the wheels. So far this winter I have added 60lb Injectors, midpipe, 17# pulley, and added the JLT to the existing K&N FIPK. I should be somewhere in the area between 560-580hp and 510-520tq at the wheels now..... Going to the dyno on the 1st to get the tune tweeked. I'll let you know the results Sat. night!
  3. Cool, I figured the KB had to be worth more than what I was getting. Be sure to update us with the results.
  4. will do!:nice:
  5. Sorry to deviate, but what do you think I should be running in the 1/4 with this. Stock tires, convertable.
  6. umm, 12.0 / 11.9 is possible with a good 60' ................
  7. OK, what about with Nittos, instead of stock?
  8. maybe 11.8 if you can drive..........
  9. Launching an IRS equipped Cobra is not easy... trust me. Be mindfull you are still on the stock half-shafts. You get a good sticky pair of DR's and a track that is even slightly prepped can possible result in green goo all over the underside of the car....