03/04 Cobra Part out Black & Torch Red

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 2003snake, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Heat Exchanger, and Cooler -Sold
  2. still have the black cobra trunk+spoiler? i really want that... trade + cash for my black GT trunk+spoiler?
  3. Sorry, not interested in any trades. if you are still interested in the Trunk Spoiler 3rd brake light combo, let me know.

    Cheers! Jason
  4. any chance i could get a few pics of it? like the crack in the tail light for example? email is [email protected]
  5. IMG_8646
  6. Red Line Tuning (RLT) Hood Shocks - I want to get these things of my shelf!!!

    $69 shipped, if you are local I will install for free!!
  7. still have term hood silver? price
  8. I do. Price is as listed - $475 + Ship & PP.

    Cheers! Jason
  9. Since I get a few request with pictures the add on the first page has been updated with a link to pictures.

    Cheers! Jason.
  10. Driver's Side A-Pillar

    I am interested in purchasing the driver's side pillar. Is it still available?
  11. AIR BAG

    Do u still have the cobra :air bag? thanks in advance
  12. I sure do!

  13. would u have the foglights,wiring to foglights and bezels available if so wat kind of condition are they in? also would u have the vents that mount to the hood? email me at [email protected]
  14. I do not have the lights or wiring. The hood vents sell with the hoods.

    Thanks for looking.

    Cheers! Jason.
  15. Is the passenger side door interior switch bezel still available? (the piece that holds the window & lock switch)
    Only need the bezel & not the switches.
    No broken tabs?

    How much shipped to 10304?


  16. PM replied.....
  17. Some more eyecandy to bump the thread....






  18. How much for interior?

    I am wanting to change out my interior in my '95 Mustang. Specifically, want to go to the Charcoal/Black color that was in the Cobras....and would like full Cobra air bag for steering wheel, door panels, kick plates, center console, rear plastic, door sill, etc....pretty much entire interior except dash. Could you let me know what you have and how much for entire package?

    Please email me back at [email protected] and Cc [email protected] because I can't monitor this site from work.

  19. Can't remember where or who, they inquired about just the 03 spoiler - this one has a 3rd brake light that will be glued (it was cracked).

    It is Mineral Grey, these are harder and harder to come by....$350 + Ship,PP

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