03/04 Cobra Part out Black & Torch Red

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 2003snake, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. ~~ Many prices reduced ~~
  2. Hey Brittany, here are the shocks we talked about.....

    The ones in the picture are the trunk shocks (pictured are the Torch Red, Mineral Grey, and Sonic Pearl Blue), we obviously do the hood shocks color matched as well.

    available on our web site @ Anchor Room

  3. front control arms? ship to 98042 kent washington??
  4. If you are referring to the A-arms, yes? Not at this time, sorry. Thanks for looking.

    Cheers! Jason.
  5. God Bless America! Thank you to all that have sacrificed for 9/11!
  6. Willing to buy the spoiler for a better price, PM me if you can go lower
  7. brake parts

    do you still have front and rear cobra brake calipers and rotors, how much and ship to 12306 :D
  8. Not at this time, sorry. Thanks for looking.

    Cheers! Jason.

  9. 04 6disc cd player with satellite option.

    Is this unit still available.very interested.Thanks.
  10. Yep! If they are still on the list, I got 'em..!
  11. New Arival - Cobra R spoiler - black - $200 + ship &PP.

  12. how much for a complete fuel tank with pumps n everything?
  13. Willing to take the spoiler off your hands if you can offer me a better deal...
  14. Sorry, one right now on eBay for $380 + $60 shipping.....I think it is a decent deal to begin with.....
  15. Cobra hood

    do you still have the Silver hood? if not do you have another?
  16. If it is on the list, I have it! At this time, I have a silver and a Red hood.

    Let me know! Jason
  17. i will buy the 3rd brake light... call or text me 1 262 719 8129
    or my email is [email protected]
  18. do you still have the side skirts available
  19. Side Skirt (Driver Side Large piece, black) - Stock ( x 1 ) $100
  20. Some new stuff....

    Polished Intercooler Resevoir - $225

    Cobra R spoiler - black - $200

    Steeda Tri-ax for T56 - Like New - $120 (also have Pro 5.0 for same price)

    SCT X3 - unlocked - $280
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.