Roush 03-04 Cobra Saleen v. Saleen Extreme

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Cali 281SC, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I'll be your guys S351 huckleberry.......and I'll even let you decided which version you want to lose too.......The speedster or the coupe :D
  2. Oh, come on Robert! Everyone knows the white Saleens are the slowest ones. S351R you say... white car I say. :D
  3. Cool website BobV! Man, I didnt realize in '03 they made only 11 Cobra Saleens and 14 Extreme cars. That's strange because in '02 they made 54 Extremes. :eek:
  4. Your no daisy at all. :D

    Say when.

  5. So what kind of 1/4 mile times will the S351 do ?
  6. Years ago MM and FF tested a s351 vert, using a tall slick for gearing, and it ran 11.3.
    They said with an actual gear change they thought the they could get it to 10.8
  7. A stock S351R (blown) with a real tune is a 11 sec car with slicks. I grabbed a 10.7 almost 8 years ago when we had Terminal Island on MT 28.5 x 10.5's and only a decent 60 time. That was a 97 car with the Twisted Wedge heads and OBDII. Oh yea, that car was running 3.27's. Torque is a beautiful thing.
  8. I've seen 8.90's but, my car wasn't stock at that time. Stock, with the right driver, high 10's low 11's.
  9. What is the difference between an S351 and an S351 r code?
  10. Well I don't live close to Orange County but I have a 98 Saleen Cobra, and I have lined up against a "E" car on the street smoked it, and I've gone head to head with one the track and killed it too.. But on the flip side my car is heavly modded so I don't know?? Just putting in my two cents..:nice:
  11. Cobra Vs. Extreme

    Hey guys, i just signed up and this is my first post. I came accross this thread and figured i would bring up dead dogs.

    I just sold my 2001 saleen N/A modded for my new toy the 06 Saleen Extreme. Im not sure how many actual extreme owners belong to this site, so i figured i would give you information first hand.

    03-04 Extremes are most likely slower than the 03-04 cobra (stock). 03-04 cobra is definately the best bang for the buck car which is easily modified cheaply to 650-700 rwhp, fairly safely. I wanted a car that had all that which i can keep stock, so i went with the 06 saleen but primarily because i know some people at saleen and am over at SSV all the time since its right by my house, i got a great deal on it.

    As far as the 06 extreme goes? ... good luck finding a stock car to keep up with it! it supposely will pull on the new ZO6, so go figure. the only way i can see a Zo6 beating this car is because of the time lost building boost. with the 6-speed/4:10 combo, ive been told it runs like a built 04 cobra, ill let you do the math. the 06 S/C is tuned at 4.5 lbs of boost, 13 for the extreme. 525 ft. lbs of torque (saleen insider) like i said, its underestimated for particular reasons. The new shelby is undertuned!

    the car is understated and is no comparison the the new Shelby. The new shelby is a poor investment (horrible handling, too heavy) ive talked to friends at aftermarket auto performance shops that had them on dyno's and they just dont perform. they had a hard time making over 300 to the tires. They had an 06 extreme at another place i know of and they took off the governor and it hit 203 mph. this car as it up top and down low.

    Anyway, i could talk all day, but if theres anything else you care to know about the extreme, im an owner!
  12. Welcome to :SNSign: . Congrats on the s281E. I have a hard time believing one will pull on a new Z06 though. As far as the shelby goes I will agree that they are WAY overpriced. But there was a post a stock one dynoed at 480+ and similar TQ.
  13. congrats on the new car

    supposely? I don't think so.

    and a twin screw does not take time to build boost, it's alway's there

    the shelby you are talking about is the new GT500? if so that performance shop is full of *****. Go to Mod fords or SVTP and read what they are dynoing stock, well over 400 let alone 300.
  14. It takes me! i dont think its all the supercharger either...i think it has something to do with the new electronic throttlebody because it is definately not instant power! opinion...F*** that GT500. still IRS (blows) 4100 lbs (way WAY too heavy) looks like a GT, and the 07 supercharged saleen (475 hp) smoked a few of them down I-696 here in detroit!!!
  15. sorry to tell you but it has a solid, no IRS on it :nono:

    and I am not saying a Saleen can't beat an GT500 cause anything can happen on the street but smoked, I don't think so
  16. really? i thought it was bad on that! as far as the rest of it goes...still a big thumbs down to the GT500 as a whole.

    i will say its going to take some time to get used to having a 550 hp car with a 4:10 gear...almost doesnt make sense. i beat a slightly modded camaro SS badly and i started in second gear because it will just blow the tires off. I spun quite a bit in second!

    The car is not as instant as my 01 was, but just a slight delay.

    Well, i depends on the driver ... but the person that raced a few of these shelby's is a friend of mine that is a regional manager for saleen. he also races for them, so he knows how to drive a car! He mentioned to me that the GT500 is nothing special on the street, and i have heard nothing but negative feedback from first hand experiences! He drives a saleen provided 06 saleen w/ the 07 475 hp upgrade kit.

    i just dont even care for the styling of the GT500. I like alittle more of a flashy car w/ power like Saleen, but even the 06 saleen is still growing on me. i didnt care for it at first.
  17. This may be the "Saleen" section, but the conversing here usually involves honest opinions.
    So if you posted this in hope of shelby bashing, or hoping to get people to kiss your ass because you have an E, you are dead wrong.

    I'm not the worlds biggest shelby lover, and people paying over sticker is their own problem, just remember it's a $43,000 car to begin with, and that's the price bracket it's in.
    Where you see them dynoing at 300rwhp i have no clue, but sounds like they are the guys that duped you into buying an E.
    My buddy has 2 gt500's at his shop and both layed down way the hell more than 300rwhp .
    And i was there, no hearsay.

    Only E dyno numbers i've seen were 448rwhp on a mustang dyno, which would put both the output of the E and the GT500 very close, since those number in the link were on a dynojet.
    Too bad there is 30K in price difference.

    Now on to the biggest mistake you made here. Thinking an E will take down the zo6, lol. This must either be your first day on the planet, or think it is ours.
    Not even close. Again similar dyno numbers, but a massive wieght difference.
    I don't forsee 11.7'[email protected] on regular street tires in the E's future, and on a road track, you'd be out of your mind, since the zo6 posted one of the best times ever on the nurdenburg ring.
    Even on the american hating show Top Gear, the zo6 smoked 2 dozen cars some of which cost 3-4 times it's cost. Impressed the automotive worlds most anti american expert.
    Unfortunately youtube deletes all top gear video, wish you could see the car you are comparing yours too. Probably bring you back down to reality.

    I love saleen cars, but for you to think just because your car stickered at 70 grand that you got something world class based on price is ignorant.
    And not sure what kind of suspension you think you have, but it's not anything a kid with 3000 bucks and a set of hand tools can't do.

    Me personally if i wanted a new saleen, which i do admire, i'd get a NA coupe (used) and mod the engine my damn self.
  18. So tell us how ya really feel:D . I will agree with you about the Z06 as it is in another league than any saleen or mustang period. I don't know of any mustang that can hit 60mph in under 4 sec or top out at 200+ mph off the showroom floor.
  19. I apologize if i came off harsh, but this will make 3 E owners i've now encountered via the internet that think they can take out a z06.

    It's alomst like 15 years ago, when every kid in a honda or iroc Z claimed they could beat a 5.0 mustang.
  20. They just haven't run into the right person/car to bring them back to reality.