Roush 03-04 Cobra Saleen v. Saleen Extreme

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Cali 281SC, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. i don't have enough brains to say no or enough money to say yes.

    Hey Conway, where did you pick up your 04? If I remember correctly, that car was the subject of a very frequently visited post a while back. Absolutely incredible car.
  3. I picked up the car from a dealer in New York. I saw the car on ebay messing around at work and knew that I had to have it. The owner originally bought the car at this dealer and returned so the dealer knew the guy who had it. I bought the car within an hour of seeing it, I didn't want the chance of anyone else ******ing it up. By the time that it was scheduled for pickup for transport and all that good jazz it was 3 weeks before I had the car, felt like a kid at XMAS. Now I can't wait until the spring/summer to take it to some shows, but being in WV every show is so far away from me. I wouln't be bringing it unless I can get a trailer for it. I hope I can make it out to some and see all of you guys there.

  4. It isn't a real "SGT500" as you put it, but a dealer took a Shelby GT500 and Saleen-ized it (it was Prestige Ford of Garland, Texas). I downloaded these pics from the eBay auction that was up a few months ago...



    Well, unfortunately Image Shack doesn't want to cooperate, so these were the only two pictures I could upload.

    Sorry... :shrug:

    Dealer sticker listed it at $85,885! :eek:
  5. Rob!

    I remember that car. Nice catch!
    That's a tough call becasue it's not a Saleen serialized car. I think the dealer actaully probably screwed up the GT500 collectability status by adding the Saleen items. Also, I think the wheels look kind of strange. ??
  6. Yeah, it would be interesting to see what the car looks like without the stripes as those are typically so non-Saleen. Might be nice to see the car in all black.

    Sticker is upsurd, considering the fact the car is not really a Saleen, and now no longer a stock Cobra. Agree with Marcus, don't understand the wheels at all.

    Regardless, pretty bad ass lookin, I certainly wouldn't mind havin one.
  7. ya I remember that. You should stick those pictures in the "I think these look better thread" That rear end looks so much nicer without a wing since it has the little ducktail built in. Those tailpipes need to go though.

  8. hey can i ask who car this really is ??? b/c there is this D-bag on a local nebraska forum saying its his ride
  9. Can't remember his name offhand, but I could probably find out. He goes to local car shows fairly often with his car.

    Did the "d-bag" use these specific photos?
  10. Nebraska and virginia are quite far apart.
  11. Just wait till someone sends the GT500 to Saleen , if they would even take it .