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  1. anyone know where I can find 18x9 and 18x10 03-04 cobra style wheels? preferably in flat black...
  2. American Muscle or eBay. But the offset will stick out a lot in the back, and just a bit in the front, if this is for your S197.
  3. No they dont have them, I looked. I found a few 18x9 and 18x10.5 but the offset is 26mm and if im not mistaking I need 45 or 50mm right?
  4. ebay has them when you get to the search its 18" mustang rims... scroll down all the way to the bottom there 319.00 and 150 for shipping ! I have them just havnt installed them yet ! And dark is RIGHT on about the offset...
  5. please dont...
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  7. Posted via Mobile Device Because of the offset being for a 99 thru 04 right? and why please dont?
  8. Because of the offset on both accounts.

    The Terminator wheels are offset so that they sit flush with the wheel wells on SN95's, so they stick out really bad on our cars.
  9. Actually ......Not too bad ! Just try not to run a HUGE (285-305) tire on them and actualy they dont look half bad ! Here is a pic .... View attachment 296591

    **NOT MY CAR** but the same rims !
  10. That doesnt look to bad..but is it possible to find a front view of that same car?
  11. The one I saw, when you go to a side shot, you can see the rears stick out 1/2" or more.
  12. Dark is right !
  13. Ok Dark...it seems your right so Ive decided not to get those wheels. Instead...
    I found these for $225 a piece 20x9 and 20x10. As soon as they get more instock ill be ordering

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  14. Good choice! :nice: I like the Termi wheels, too, but they just don't work. And actually, they don't really go right with our cars, either.

  15. i completely agree. i went with bullitts with my last car, deep dish in back. looked great. but i always had second thoughts on "what if i went with saleens or 03-04 cobra wheels" then with this car i'm like ok, since bullits came stock on some, maybe this car i'll go with the 5 star style. not really digging the look.

    same thing with CCW. everyone has them on their new edges. look amazing. i think i've seen 2 or 3 cars with them in this body style, half tempted to save up for some myself.

    one of my favorite wheels for these cars are the 20 inch saleen wheels.

  16. I don't know about those Saleens. I always thought the'd look better on something like a Chrysler 300 or something. Maybe it's just me? :shrug:

    I definitely like the ones that 02GTRX posted. Those look pretty sweet.
  17. yeah, at first i didn't like them. i first saw them off the car and didn't like how they looked at all. didn't think they fit at all for the look of the car. but then i saw a picture of them on the car, and i really liked how they looked. 20s are too big for me. i like how certain ones look, but i have a set of 18s picked out that i really like.

    on a stock car i don't think the saleens would look that good. with exterior modifications, such as a drop and little accents, it could look amazing.
  18. A set of those saleens rims in BLACK look prety bad azz