'03/'04 Cobra vs. '05 GT

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by admdavs, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Just wondering what the SVT forum section thinks of my dilemma--- I am not purchasing until August of '05- but do I go with an '04 Cobra or an '05- likely '06 GT?? I have a small set of pros and cons- let me know what you think??

    Pros to Cobra:
    Cheaper used vs. New '05 (Payment less $ and less time)
    Much more power
    It's a Cobra!

    Pros to '05:
    Brand new (not used and brand new Mustang)
    Can mod to make Cobra-like power
    Great looks!

    Cons to Cobra:
    Insurance costs
    Old platform

    Cons to '05:
    Everyone will have one
    Have to spend extra to get Cobra power
    Would want new rims and a body kit improvement

    Thanks in advance for all help!
  2. I own an '03 Cobra and I just got done beating on my buddies brand new '05 GT. No comparison... my Cobra out performs it (DUH) and handles better too! Depending on your age the insurance difference between a brand new '05 and a used Cobra will be minimal at best. Last but not least, what mods are you planning on adding to an '05 GT that would put it anywhere near the performance level of the supercharged Cobra? Whatever you did do would void the warranty I'll bet.

    Don't get me wrong... my buddies new GT rode and handled great! It also produces a lot more "head turning" from the general populace, but for all out power, mod-a-bility, and handling (in stock form) the Cobra wins hands down.

  3. 03/04 Cobra >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 05 GT

    Simple as that
  4. Not always..........the 03/04 Cobras are really holding their value. The new GT's are fairly cheap.....
  5. There are still a bunch of 04's and even some untitled 03 Cobras out by me. They are letting them go for $30,000 and under. This is the time to get one if you want a new Cobra at the price of a loaded GT. Heck, there is a Competition Orange one by me I pass everyday and drool at. Sticking with the Dark Shadow Grey though. :D
  6. have you seen how cheap 03's are going for? i've seen them for as little as 23,000 bucks over on SVTP's classifieds. i don't think they are holding their value well at all, because they made too many (13,000+ 03's)
  7. Thanks for the advice- I am about 100% convinced that the Cobra is the way to go- but then when I see an '05????
  8. but then when I see an 05', I say thank God I have a cobra. :D
  9. I've seen a few '05's now, very nice but I think the Cobra is just more bad a$$ looking. I'm sitting at about 500 crank hp for only $1K additional!
  10. Amen Brother.

    The bottom line is the bottom end. The motor in the 03/04 Cobra is too much to pass up. If you were considering an 05 COBRA that would be another story (and I would be at the dealer with you, maybe) but we're not.
  11. Agree :D I think I will surely be getting the Cobra.
  12. Excellent choice my good man. Good luck. :nice:
  13. Do me and yourself a favor.........

    Go buy a 04 Cobra. Drive it, get used to it. And then come back and post to tell us how happy you are with the Cobra.

    I honeslty HATE the 05 Mustangs. IMO they are ugly as hell and in time they will be everywhere. It's just hype since it is new.

    Get the Cobra and don't look back. And when you start getting used to it, put a catback and CAI on it. And for more fun, pulley it.

    Thank me later.
  14. i like the 03/04 cobras cause you dont really see them everywhere. only a small segment of the population wants a factory supercharged muscle car vs. EVERYONE wanting a vintage (thats in, ya know) mustang. the very fact that you as well as others will see your car and the badging and the rumble (and whine) they will all know "hey, that guys got the fast one"...

    p.s. hey Pitch Black, think tubs is going to LSU? most AU fans i talk to dont seem to mind too much if he leaves as long as they get Petrino (lol)
  15. I for one love the looks of the new 05 Mustang. However, I could not do without my Cobra's power. Sure, any car can be made to go fast but it isn't always as easy as simply swapping on a blower. Been there done that with my old 95 5.0 (probably much easier to tune and mod than the current car) and it ended up being somewhat of a nightmare over the years. My 03 Cobra made good power easy and relatively on the cheap. I will wait for the new Cobra before I upgrade.