03/04 Cobra vs. STi

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  1. cobra- and i have nothing else to say on the matter
  2. :spot: cobra- and i have nothing else to say on the matter
  3. this is ridiculous that someone is even asking this question. Everyone in my town with an STi are pompous, arrogant *******s who think they are the baddest **** in the world, and one (stock) thinks he could spank a Z06. ha. ha. ha. **** sti's go with the cobra, buddy. besides, if you are real young like you said, unless a bunch of dumbass girls live around you, the cobra will have a lot more sex appeal.
  4. I would go with the STI if you can handle its brutal ugliness.

  5. Well put
  6. I know that feeling all too well :)
  7. Hmmm

    Well first off, I'm in the same situation as you......well WAS. I am comming back from my second tour in Iraq & I just couldn't decide what I really wanted. The top choices were of course, the 03/04 SVT, the STi, the Evo VIII, and the SRT-4. I have a little girl so thats why I wanted the 4 doors. The first out was the STi, it's just sooo ugly! Yeah it can preform but like the SRT-4, it just didn't look right with me at the wheel (and even my old Mustang pulled more looks and girls). Both the STi & SRT-4 felt cheap on the inside( no power windows in the back?!? wTF!). Cloth seats, no traction control, plastic EVERYWHERE!!! So those were out. The Evo is a hard car 2 find around here and cost almost as much as a SVT with less than 15-18K on it. So yeah I'm getting the SVT. Now all I have 2 do is decide if I want (or really need) a convertable! But if you really want an import, don't get the STi, it looks horrable! Even grandma says "it's cute, I might get one"! BLAH!
    Oh, here check this out for all the specs, just cut and paste:
  8. part 2

    Oh and every car I looked at was at least $28,000 except the SRT-4. Also don't forget with only $5k down, your payments will be really high as well as you insurance. I'm only 22 and my insurance for my GT was almost $300 at first, and I only had 2 tickets! Put them together and see if you can still live off of that. I am putting down between $10k - $15k down, dont want 2 owe the bank forever! Good luck!
  9. ahh

    I think the cobra feels cheap... but i have never been in a STI... I just rented a mazda 3 while my cobra was in the shop and had much better quality.. Stupid things...like you didnt have to slam the door for it to shut...or the hood.. The interior was more comfortable and not all plastic..

    For a daily driver I would go STI.. FOr racing I would go cobra.. if you are ok with having a beater then go with the cobra.

    My next mod is a Whipple/injectors/fuel system/headers and that will bring me well into the 10 sec range... The cobra has serious potential and the engine can handle it....although the rest of the car will need some help.....

    Its really unfortunete that AMerican cars have gone down the tubes... I dont care what anyone says... I rent imports from enterprise a few times a year when I get work done and the Toyota Prius...while plasticy is a wonderful car as far as quality goes... Mazdas are really nice too... Hondas have so few little quality issues...no rattles or sqeaks. It seems like American Cars are designed to last for 36,000 miles and imports are designed to last. Heck even my truck...purchased in Oct broken power steering, one recall, one tech service bulletin for a bad rattle and a number of rattles and sqeaks since then that the dealer wont help me with anymore....

    OK my rant has ended hehe.....

    AGAIN i say.. For Racing CObra....for a car you will always enjoy on the street...something else
  10. this is on an 03 cobra? Mine is a 97, have always treated it like a baby (drive it like a maniac :D ) since ive had it, and never had any sort of problems with doors, shakes, rattles, fit, etc. :shrug:

    Besides, even if it did, I do not think i would have noticed. :D We have a 69 mach1 and that thing shakes and rattles like crazy, smells of nasty fluids and exhaust and windows don't close very well... but i love it to death. ;)
  11. 94 Mustang V6, 97,000 miles, one egr valve that is all
    99 S10, 112,000 miles only fluids & one set of tires
    03 S10 117,000 miles only fluids & one set of tires
    Traded them in so who knows how long they went. So far have 40k on my 05 colorado with no probs.
  12. I've got a 97 V6 that won't die, 160,000 miles, only had to replace the timing cover gasket, and while i was in there i did a timing set for good measure. Other than that, the car has been a good car. And i've wrecked it twice, and it still holds up well, lol.