'03-'04 Cobra vs. Vipers

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  1. I don't know too much about the newer Cobras and was just wondering how they compare to the following Vipers in straight line acceleration:
    '93-95 RT/10
    '97-'02 GTS
    Assuming both cars are stock. Anybody race a Viper in their '03-04 Cobra?
  2. Go to www.motortrend.com to find out, or search google

    I think a cobra might beat an 'older' viper, but the new ones are sick, all depends on driver tho
  3. Pretty sure the GTS would edge a stock Cobra in a straight line. GTS: 450hp @ 5200 rpm, 0-60 in 4.4, 1/4 in 12.8. Cobra: 0-60 in 4.7, 1/4 in 13.1. A few easy mods and the Cobra wins hands down. The 500hp 2004 Viper is a whole nother animal....
  4. With my mods I have taken the new 04 05 Vipers usually by one to two cars max by 130mph after 130 the new Vipers pull harder and are obviously more aerodynamic at the higher speeds.

    On the old vipers I cream them like butter, and love to see the owner’s faces when it happens. :nice:

    I did get my butt reamed by an 800hp Hennessey Viper a month ago, it was my first loss. :(
  5. but you have more than the basic mods :rolleyes:

    you also have about 35 grand more in your pocket...
  6. I havent ventured over to the local viper club in my svt yet, but lets just say my gt never had a chance(they even gave me a head start)
  7. I ran an RT/10 today as a matter of fact. He was an older gentleman and I'm not sure he was into it or not, but I had him by a car and a half to about 70mph, just a short run stop light to stop light. :nice: Actually it didn't sound half bad, it was the one with side pipes. :rolleyes: I don't think either of us were really getting on it too much now that I think about it. :shrug:
  8. The RT/10 with side pipes are the slowest of the Vipers. Most decent drivers around here are doing mid 13’s at the track, so with your mods that sounds about right. :nice:
  9. 400-405hp version RT10's - typically with a good driver will run 12.8-13.2 @ 109-111mph

    450hp models are good for 12.0-12.4 @ 116-118mph

    Brand new 500hp Vipers are good for 11.6-12.0 @ 120-123mph.

    It all depends on driver.

    A stock cobra should run fairly even with the first vipers listed.

    A lightly modded pullied cobra will run with the 2nd ones listed

    A heavily modded pullied cobra will run with the third vipers listed.
  10. nicely put :nice:
  11. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. :)
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    At the drag strip stock Vipers dont fair well. I guess in their defense they just arent set up to drag at all. I saw a modded one running low 11s, but as far as stock there was a new one at etown a few months ago who said he ran low 11s but didnt do better than 12.1 that day. He spun every time.

    Anotehr weekend a viper went right into the wall only 50 or so feet from the starting line.

    Seems like lots of power but not in a car that can handle it well at all.
  13. Basic bolt-on modifications are hardly what most people would consider Heavily Modded.

    Heavily modded = KB blower, cams, 8.8 solid rear etc. & that = death for any viper.
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    I know someone who was looking to buy something fast. He test drove the vette Z06, Viper and a Porsche and decided to go with the Vette. he felt that in that price bracket the Vette was by far the best bang for the buck... He said the Viper felt like a cheap car with a really big engine. He said it was scary to drive compared to the vette....tough to control

    Between hearing him talk about it and what I have seen at the track I believe it.

    not to say if I could afford it that I wouldnt buy a viper...it just wouldnt be my first choice.

    I love the fact that the 03-04 cobras can be so easily modded to run as fast as or faster than a viper
  15. They are a lot more controllable and practical too. :nice: