03-04 Mach 1, or 07 GT/CS, or...

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  1. 1) I like the Mach 1's a lot (Azure Blue), appreciate their heritage, and can find some pretty babied 03-04's around for a very decent price. Their engine and comestic touches are unique enough to make me salivate!

    2) I REALLY like the new 05-06 styling and could probably pick up a Legend Lime or Vista Blue 5spd GT for a great price now that the '07s are coming into dealer lots. Do a couple mods (shaker intake!) and make it my own.

    3) Plunk down my measely wallet and eek through the monthly payments after ordering an '07 GT/CS with every option I want! Owning a '67 Mustang I understand the GT/CS heritage better than other new buyers may (I really really thought about turning mine into a GT/CS when restoring) and it would really seperate from the other GT's in town (not to mention the 2 vista blue cop GT's). Of course I would cut a hole in the hood for a shaker intake!

    What do you guys think! Money is a big issue, but I'm sick of driving my beater '94 toyota pickup everyday :(
  2. Do what you gotta do, man.
    my new mantra: Life is too short to be unhappy for too long. happy driving bro.
  3. Lol I've been realizing that more and more, problem is I want a Mach 1 AND a 07 GT/CS! Heh, but don't we all. Damn cars.
  4. Have you test drove both yet? If not, I would do that and see which one you like more. Their both great mustangs!
  5. Interior: 07
    Handling: 07
    Looks: Both of them look amazing if u do the right things, i guess it's up to you
    Power: About the same, would be a drivers race

    I picked my 06 solely due to the interior and my taste for the body style. Either way, you're getting a good car.
  6. I agree with 66. go for aesthetics. Get the best thing you can afford and enjoy the hell out of it.
  7. Heh...I don't have the luxury of living somewhere that has a Mach 1 or GT for sale :D Well there's 1 auto GT on the lot, but I don't know of a Mach 1 in the state that I could test drive.

    So if I walked in and ordered my GT/CS tomorrow, what kinda price should I haggle? The invoice is $27,271 for the options I want + destination = that's all I should really be paying right? They don't have to advertise, clean the car, anything! Just gimme!
  8. I say if you can afford it just get a new Mustang, I'd opt for a regular GT as I'm not a huge fan of the looks of the GT/CS and just mod it to my own liking.

    Machs are awesome, shoot check my sig out, but I'm always a little leary of buying a used performance car, but to be fair my Mach has helded up nice since I bought it new in late '03.