03/04 Mach 1 vs. 05/06/07 GT - mechanical differences?

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  1. Ok, I know the basics on the 2 engines. Mach 1 has a DOHC 32v 4.6L (305 advertised hp) while the new GT's sport a SOHC 24v 4.6L (300hp). I've read in a couple Mustang brochures that they substantially strengthened the new frames (05+) and I guess shaved weight by doing things like an aluminum hood?

    Intrinsic and style differences aside, which is the better all-around car? Are there as many aftermarket parts for the Mach 1's as there seem to be on the new models? Is it as easy to add more hp to the Mach's as all these bolt-ons do for the GT? I want any info thats prudent! What have other Mach 1 owners been doing to their rides? etc

    My budget is constrained, a Mach 1 says perfect....but a new GT (I can't find a decently priced used one) says owie! Am I going to kick myself if I buy a Mach now rather than waiting for used GT prices to come down?
  2. Yes, your butt will be sore.
  3. buy the mach..........faster more parts and it holds its retail better
  4. Price-wise, I've found a number of Machs with 7000ish miles on them for $19-21k. That's a nice price for almost new. GT's on the other hand, I've seen people asking $26k for a standard coupe, a few options and 22k on the odometer! That's almost MSRP! You could find an '04 GT with the same miles on it for roughly $10k less, that's ridiculous.

    I'm leaning very heavily towards a Shadow Grey Metallic Mach 1. With the little daily driving I do, by the time I have it paid off (4-5yrs) it should only have around 25-30k miles on it ~ imagine I could find a buyer wanting that if I should want to upgrade to something like a 2010 Boss :)
  5. They are basically completely different cars.
  6. Well obviously, but are they THAT different? Not like they're '69 Mach 1 vs. Mustang II different. Both are solid cars with plenty to build on right?

    I just want to know beforehand if I'm paying $19k for a used Pentium II, when I could be getting a Core Duo if I had waited.
  7. Well, both are rear wheel drive, front engine, V-8 powered unibody constructed cars.

    By all "advertising" they are very different cars and for the sake of exchanging parts from one to the other, they are.

    Aftermarket parts are in abundance for both and will be for years. Everyone has jumped on the aftermarket for the newer Mustangs but in time some will go by the wayside as the current ones for the Mach1 are pretty much here to stay.

    Machs have a shorter wheelbase, no Panhard Bar in the rear, with modified McPearson strut suspension up front while the newer has a longer wheelbase, Panhard Bar and true McPearson strut up front. What that gives you with stock suspension on either, is a better ride, eaiser to drive through the corners for the newer and harder riding twitchier turning (which can be translated to faster thru the turns for some drivers) for the older. The older Mustang can be brought up to be a great handling (neither is that bad stock) with not too much investment and the newer will need to have some work to keep up with the older if said is done.

    Seating (ergonomics) is quite different from the two, depending on driver size and preferences one may pick one over the other in that form so a test drive of each is required to determine this.

    Both have an old school form to them, the newer in body style and the Mach1 in options and appearence of the older Mach1s, Shaker hood, gages, seats, striping etc.

    All and all, the newer is a more refined car than the previous and is very hard to compare on a 1 to 1 basis, IMO it's all about preferences of the individual, me, I would not trade the Mach1 for any of the newer ones that I have driven, but, I really would like to have BOTH! :flag: :D
  8. Thank you for the info! That is along the lines of what I'm looking for, sound mechanical differences and how to change them.

    Intrinsically, the Mach 1 will hold its value better all other things aside imo. Style-wise, I LOVE the headlight-to-headlight area of the new Mustangs as its very throwback and very aggressive looking. Otherwise I can't say there are any other style points I think make it look better in my eyes than the Mach 1. As for that Mach, I think a shaker hood is the coolest invention ever. I love the Magnum 500's on my '67 coupe, and these retro ones aren't bad. I like rear window louvers, and those would be added to any Mach I bought :)

    But the headlight/grill on the 99-04 kinda sucks. Style wise I would cut both cars to pieces and make an ensemble, but I can't do that.
  9. I've been reading about a big problem with the tremec 3650 on Machs...gears popping out or something, and it requires an $1100 kit from tremec to fix.

    Dang if a Legend Lime v6 isn't looking awesome right now, $17500 or so and a full warranty...but...must...have...v8...
  10. When you find the Mach1 you want, get the Oaisis Report from the Service Department, it will tell you if the TSB has been done on it or not. Also as I noted in another thread, you may find one of the MANY that do not have the issue with the tranny.
  11. You will also find that many Mach 1's have a problem with ticking heads that usually require having the entire cylinder head(s)s replaced. I owned a Mach 1, and before it turned 4000 miles it had a head replaced, the complete auto tranny replaced (at about 1400 miles!), a headlight replaced because it was gathering water inside the lense, and the seal around the key cylinder on the trunk replaced (was installed improperly at the factory).

    All that being said, I was very happy with the car. It was a strong performer with great brakes and decent ride. But, I don't miss it at all compared to the '06 GT. It is all about personal preference- for me, the newer car was much more what I needed and wanted in a Mustang, and the aftermarket support for the new cars is tremendous!
  12. I have an o7 gt...this may be a partial opinion, but, hold out.
    don't be in a rush. Patience is a virtue. An 07, 06, or an 05 is a totally different car. There is a guy with an 03 Mach 1 2 doors down from me. When our cars are out and visible to the street, nobody gives him the thumbs up...or says "nice ride". even though it is.
    when the o5's came out....anything before 05 fades into the background as just another Mustang.
  13. Tell that to all the people who snap their necks and come check out my car at the dealer full of new Mustangs every time I go up there for some service.
  14. Well that's a new one.
  15. Very good to know, but dang all the stories from you guys are scaring me! I could go out and buy an immaculate Mach 1 with 7000 miles and no visible flaws....then be paying out the a$$ for repairs in a few months.

    I'm not used to all this stuff "breaking"...I've driven old Toyota trucks for the last 10 years and you don't have to fix anything on those.
  16. http://forums.stangnet.com/showpost.php?p=6330184&postcount=11
  17. so what is a good, low mileage Mach I going for these days?
  18. I've been looking at ebay, autotrader, and other sites for quite awhile now and I would say pricing breakdown:

    <5000miles = $21000+

    5000-30000 miles = $19500 to 18000

    >30000 miles = $17500 to 15000

    Obviously every car is different, but those are roughly what I see. There is even a new '04 Mach on ebay now! Has like 20 miles on it for $27k

  19. As strange as it may sound, I have to agree. Once I put stripes on my car, people literally gawk at it like its a roman chariot carrying naked chics. I get waves, thumbs-ups, smiles, just all kinds of stuff almost to the point of annoyance (I don't mean that arrogantly). Even at all Fords/Mustang shows, I get more comments and questions about the new car. Last year when showing my Mach, I had more people asking "why did you put Mach1 stickers on your GT? That's stupid". Some people, even supposed "Mustang" people, didn't even realize that newer Mach1's were produced. Sad, but true.

    Like I've said before, Mach's are awesome cars, don't get me wrong. But they're just too different to compare one vs. one.
  20. Interest in the new body style has faded around here since you can't drive 10miles and not see 3 to 5 cars. Now when I go though a drive-thru I'm surprised the attention the Mach still gets today and most don't even know what the car is. In this part of the country if you see 1 or 2 Mach's a month you're lucky. The head turing around here ended about a year ago, you'd have whip lash if you snapped around everytime a new 05+ Mustang came into site. The only ones now that get a second look are those with body kits.