Mach 1 03/04 Mach vs 05 GT

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  1. Out of curiosity, which car has the edge in this race? Assuming both are Manual, and stock..

    Anyone done it before?
  2. All things being equal......

    If they were both 5-speeds, I'd give it to the Mach 1 by a fender.

    If they were both Auto's, I'd give it to the S197 by a car.
  3. I would have to agree with Gearbanger101, but it is also a driver's race in the manual part, but in autos, I would go with the S197.
  4. Most of the times I've seen for the S197's are 13.6 and up. The Mach has potential for low 13's. Some guy on here claimed their was a vid of a S197 going 13.2, but he never came up with the vid.
  5. Evan Smith took the mach 13.1 but he's a damn good driver. Too bad that guy that claims he ran 13.2 didn't come up:nonono:
  6. i went 13.1 bone stock..... with the exception of the MT ET streets...:D
  7. Mach 1's/manuals are legitimate 13.1 cars and trap 106...stock, whereas the 05 gt/manuals cant do that stock from what Ive read/seen on various sites. I honestly think that a 05 gt would be a better run with a stock mach/auto that routinely runs 13.5-13.8. Not saying that a 05 manual cant do better than 13.5 stock, but its just not a common thing.:shrug:
  8. I ran a 13.1 in a bone stock, street-tired Mach 1 with no problem.

    As for the Mach 1 vs S197, I've done that a few times out on the streets, and my totally unbiased opinion (wink), is that the newer car can keep up pretty good through the first 2 gears, after that, the Mach walks, big time. That was when the S197 cars had 3.55 gears in them stock, now that Ford has made the 3.31 gears standard, they can't even hang tough in first and second!
  9. When did they back them up to 3.31's? The one and only thing I like about the new '08 Bullitt is 3.73's in them. That would have been a great gear for the Mach's stock.
  10. I don't know exactly when it happened, but when I looked at a couple of 2007 GT 5-speeds, the window sticker listed the 3.55 gears as "optional." I know the cars being converted to Shelby GT's also had to have the 3.55's installed as optional equipment as part of the Shelby conversion. It was probably dragging down Fords CAFE ratings.
  11. I saw a bone stock (street radials, paper air filter, etc) 03 Mach run a 12.92. Guy must have been a freakishly good driver. My uncle had one at the same time as I had an 01 GT, it was quick. I would guess an 08 Bullitt would be about even with a Mach. I hope to get one in the next few weeks. Driving one they don't feel quite as strong, though.
  12. I say he'd have to be. Before the Mach 1 even came out they had a professional driver drag race one and the best he got was a 12.97. Still, it's a good example of what the Mach 1 can do in stock form.
  13. The car was probably a factory freak, too, on top of the guy being a good driver. Probably had a Wednesday build date, lol. But it does show that the car is very capable.
  14. I took a S197 by half a car in an 1/8 mile. Both cars were 5 speeds. We both had DR's, exhaust and he had changed his gears out to 4.10s.
  15. we have plenty of both here in our wildhorses club. totally stock s197's run 8.90's at best. most run 9.0's. auto s197's run 9.20's.

    stock machs run from 8.5

    bolt on machs run 8.20's.

    that's just our track, but our track is slower than others even though it has good traction.

    the mach wins every time.

    really the mach1's is the standard. they are the reason i used this motor.

    machs can out power on freaks because s-197's cam timing is always perfect. never and little 3 degree errors like machs. get lucky and get a mach factory timed just right and it's a freak of HP.

    no auto mach's here. i do give mach's a run though.
  16. my money's on he S197
  17. I think its a good race through first two gears.

    Bolt on to bolt on and the Mach pulls, especially in 3rd.

    I have been a bolt on car for so long I can't say stock for stock.
  18. I have a auto Mach. The majority of my runs 1/8 mile is 9.1 to 9.2. Ive done 9.01 to 9.05 many times. The best I run 1/4 is 13.87, Ive done that a few times, but most 1/4 is 14.0 to 14.1.
    My car was bone stock, I added a alum driveshaft and Bassani x pipe and the car doesnt perform any better. I still clip off the same times almost identical..
  19. What kind of wheels are on the back of that thing? Obviously D/D but who makes them?
  20. Those wheels are identical to originals but 17x10.5. Made by AFS