03-04 Terminator???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by josh23832, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I just signed up for this web site and I'm sorry if his question has already been asked. what would one have to do to a stock 03-04 cobra to have the 700hp terminator beast, I've heard that there isnt much to do internally I'm ready to buy a cobra and deff want that 700hp beast, so please help me out
  2. Kenne Bell or Whipple
    Dual Focus Pumps
    Electrical system to keep pumps fed
    Rear Suspension Upgrades and axels

    ...and probably some other stuff.

    So 4 to 6 thousand dollars or more? :shrug:
  3. Why 700? No matter how much power you have there will always be someone faster. To achieve true inner peace buy the terminator and be happy with what you have grasshopper. When one knows that he can beat 95% of the other cars on the road one can merely laugh at the haters and tell them they are not worth the gas.
  4. im with noobz but its gonna cost a good bit more than 4 grand but with that much youll need to keep it stickin to the asphault and that stuff aint cheap drivetrain also. but to each their own man. kilgore is right. im buildin a turbo cobra and im looking for no less than 800 to the ground just to say that you can build a mod motor car on a budget and make serious power plus im gonna start gettin into bracket racing and the fun weekend warrior at the track. i was over 6 grand for everything i need to get there. but good luck with the buy and the build. do your research and wait for the perfect car