03' 10th Anniversary Convertible leftover "black"

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by dark_cobra_01, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Just bought one...

    I purchased a leftover 03 Cobra SVT Convertible in black on Wed. (3/31).
    I put 10k down and financed the rest. With rebates, the car cost $35000. It has 45 miles on it. I didn't try to budge them on the price. I was happy to get the rebates and really surprised that I was actually able to finance the thing. I love the car. Love the interior and this is my first convertible. My only issue with the car are the wheels... This car deserves a bit of chrome and the wheels just look dirty all the time and really mute the whole car out, or so I thought... I've gotten more stares driving this thing then even I anticipated. Though, that could have something to do with being young and blonde, or so my bf seems to think. I like to think these people just have really good taste in cars :D
  2. If I got one at this point it would be the 10th...just for the wheels I love them.

    I know a dealer here has a silver left over 03 but its not a 10th. I would not want a vert either. The dealer here I don't think he trying to offer much of a deal on it either...oh well.
  3. Congrats Vamp on your new ride! Enjoy and welcome aboard! :flag:
  4. Just got mine 4 weeks ago,

    03, black, 50 miles

    32k with 1500 rebate

    Just ordered the 2.81 pulley kit

    The only complaints I have are with the brakes and the weight... This car is a tank, has a hard time stopping, and doesn't corner worth a damn but it sure goes in a straight line.
  5. Well........
    looks like I'm talking to a bunch of geniuses!

    My car stickered at 35,900 and I got it for 28k, brand new, BEFORE the 04's came out.
    If you guys REALLY want I'll post the buyers order up here.
    I did not finance through Ford, but I did have 7500 cash down. They tend to like that.

    Again, this is just me.....I won't buy anything unless it's an exceptional deal. Right place, right time, right sales manager or have a nice day.

    Offer 27 or 28, pick it up for 30k.
    I could have had a sonic blue convertible 6 months ago for $30,000 brand new......
    I wanted the hardtop for rigidity (and it's a little lighter and looks better with the top up) so I went with the hardtop with chrome rims for $28,3xxx

    6 (almost 7) months later, anyone who buys an 03 anniversary convertible for more than 30-31 is just plain silly. The 04 aren't just out, the are done with production for the year! Don't just look at blue book, look at wholesale. That's all you'll get if you trade it tomorrow....
  6. mc coupe:

    Offering 27K doesn't mean you'd expect to pick it up for that.
    When I sold cars, if someone gave me a lowball offer like that I either thought they were an idiot or were ready to play hardball. Once they proved not to be an idiot (which is obvious after a few minutes), they always got better deals than the other people because they didn't "have" to buy. People like that make you want to work with them if you are the sales guy.....as long as they are nice and not boisterous.
    A car salesman knows some people will buy no matter what and those are the ones they try to hold out for at sticker price.
    I called the the local "floating" Ford salesman and told him to call me when I could get the deal I want.
    I got exactly what I wanted and I was in an out of the dealership in less than an hour.
    I had to wait 3 weeks to hear from the guy, but I was in no hurry.