'03 3.8L to '86 5.0 swap. Help please.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm new here and not very familiar with Mustangs, so if I'm posting this in the wrong area, go ahead and move it mods =]
    Anyway, I'm trying to get this info for my cousin. I searched the forums, but didn't come up with exactly the same swap he's going to do. And since I'm unfamiliar with stangs, I don't know what years, motors, trannys, etc. are compatible.
    So, he has a 2003 3.8L MTX, and he has an '86 5.0L (in awesome condition btw, Ford makes some tough ass motors!) and wants to swap in the 5.0. He's a very good backyard mechanic, he's pulled motors, trannys, suspensions, etc. We know the tranny will mount right up because his '03 has the same one as the original the 5.0 is from (the T5 MTX).
    I'm thinking all we'll need is the wire harness info, what to splice, wiring up the sensors right, and any PCM issues we might encounter. The '03 does not have a chipped key, so we're not worried about getting a dealership flash.
    If someone could provide me this info and any other we might need, or link me to a relevant write up, we'd much appreciate it. Keep rollin' 'stangers!
  2. Hi there iconxof and welcome to SN. :cheers:

    I'm gonna move this from "SVT Tech" over to the "tech" section of the "94-04 V6 Mustang" area of the message board instead:

    Mustang Forums - 94-04 V6 Mustang at StangNet

    You might also find some helpful info pertaining to the 5.0 engine itself, in the "fox 5.0" section of our message board:

    Mustang Forums - Fox 5.0 Mustang at StangNet

    G'luck with the swap and try running a few searches for keywords like "swap" or other associated keywords. :)
  3. Thank you much sir =] and after reading your sig, nice cars! I'm turning green, lol.