03 Cobra bolt ons-do I need a tune

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  1. Guys,

    I have the following bolt ons, drop in K&N airfilter, offroad h-pipe, flowmaster catback. I had my car dynoed a coupld of weeks ago, and at WOT my airfuel ratio was pretty rich up top (above 4,500 rpms). My questions is, under normal driving conditions, how would you expect my air fuel ratio to look like? Do you think I need a tune? They removed the air silencer on the second run, and my A/F got even richer, so that put it back on. I did pick up a few horsepower with the silencer removed though. What kind of power do you think I could pick up with a tune on my current setup. Peace!
  2. I think you will be looking at around 390-395. With a tune you would probably
    pick up another 20 or so. Most cobra's with the normal CAI and exhaust see
    around 395 or so. I would recommend a custom tune just to make sure you are running at your optimum and getting the most out of your mods. :p With the custom tune they will take care of the running rich up top problem also.
  3. I dynoed at 385 rwhp and 378 rwtq with my current setup. I am just not sure if spending $600 is worth it or necessary for my current mods. Do you think a K&N FIPK is better than my K&N drop in air filter with the air silencer removed? Peace!
  4. I'd go with with a steeda CAI,just because it seals the cold air off better from the engine compartment than a KNN,although the KNN would be my second choice.I'd definately go with a Diablo Prediator flash tune,there around 400$ or less and well worth it you can lean it out a little on the top end ,it gives you many tune options.The best part is it can put your stock tune back in if you need to go to the dealer for any warranty work. :nice: :flag:
  5. save yourself some money and get the cai from here:


    and the predator from James @ RWTD $420 bucks shipped next day and free tunes down the road if you need them........excellent custom tune that he builds.......check my numbers.


    do not use the stock predator tune, it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I used the reichard racing 2.80 pulley and the metco 100mm idler

    take it to the dyno and let it rip.........you'll love it!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I think I will go with the the CAI and tune to push me over 400 rwhp. I think that that type of power on tap, it should be pretty fun.
  7. Agreed! But if you havent been for a ride in a pullied Cobra yet, you're missing out!!!!!
  8. Sorry to ask such a stupid question but how the hell do you tune your car?
    I virtually have no clue on what your supposed to do, can anyone enlighten me? Do you have to have a dyno first before you tune it? I really have no clue.

    Thanks a lot guys and sorry for somewhat hijacking the thread.
  9. There are a couple of ways to do it. You can do it with a hand held tuner with a custom program programmed into it, or you can have a tuner do it by reflashing the cpu with info obtained from a dyno run with a/f. A custom tune can also be installed with a chip. I would recommend a couple pulls on the dyno with A/F if you have a hand held tune or mail order chip installed just to make sure everything is running ok. :D
  10. Oh okay that makes a little more sense.

    What would you recommend for a handheld tuner with the custom program?

    Got any more links to where it shows how it all goes down more throughly?

    Thanks again all. :)
  11. What car do you have? I assume a cobra since your in the svt forum. What year? There are many good hand held tuners. DiabloSport, Superchip, Hypertech are just a few. Thay all have websites so you can check them out in more detail. :p
  12. I have an 03 cobra and went with the Hypertech programmer and I have been very happy... gave me an extra 51 horses (with the stock pulley). So far it's my only mod... but it got me to over 400 RWHP and it only took about 10 minutes! I couldn't be happier!!! :D
  13. Whoops didn't even mention what I have...

    It's a 04' Cobra Coupe.
    So all those aftermarket companies are just about the same? There isn't a "this one is a lot better than this one" type of stuff?

    Thanks again.
  14. Most show good gains.Lots of the guys on here and SVTPerformance.com have the Diablosport, that seems to be the most popular right now. Check out James at RWTD.com. He will write you a custom tune for the Predator, lots of guys have that set up, including me. :nice: