03 Cobra Comin In 06

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  1. Hey everyone! Im getting a Moded 03 Cobra in about March. Which sucks to wait that long but oh well. The reason I have to wait so long is
    1.) My parents really won't let me get it until then (Im only 16 but will be 17 when I get it.)
    2.) I need to wait until he ca get his new GT 500 to buy it off of him.

    I was just wonderin though is there any thing special I need to know about the Cobras? :shrug: (I have a 02 V6 now hell of a jump huh)

    271 day to go before I am a proud member of the SVT Family! :cheers:
  4. I have to agree with these guys, a little to much car IMO, but if your that lucky, I'd say go for it.
  5. I would have to say most of my friends couldnt handle the car either but I guess you could say I'm not like most 16/17 year old kids. What I would have to say the difference is, is that I think before I act when most act then think later. From what I've relized from a very young age (younger than what I already am) is that I have every thing to lose and nothing to gain from racing someone or trying to impress someone. Even with the car I have now, little "ricers" which arent even that where I live, pull up beside me and want to race my V6 but I dont race them. I wanted my first car for the look. The Cobra I will admit the power is a nice thing to have but I want to enjoy the the look and sound of the V8. Will I race it? Ya I prolly will but NOT on the road, the track is where I will race it. My parents have always said I have always been mature for my age. Can I be dumb when I want to, ya I can be when the time is right. But I know too many friends and loved ones that have died in car accidents 5 from this year alone. So what I'm realy tryin to say is I'm not gonna be beatin the hell out of this car and doin 130 mph down every straight away I see. I will enjoy the car for what it is and what I have.
  6. Ya, whatever. The first thing you did after it was probably just sarcastically mentioned in a conversation is jump on here and start bragging how your going to get a snake in the future. Anyone who tries to show off like this will certainly try to show off in a car that is a Cobra. A close friend of mine got an 03 snake as a graduation gift, at prom he tried to do a burnout; stalled the car twice and did a 540 degree spin in the parking lot and totaled 3 1/2 cars in the process. He also happened to be our valedictorian.

    Im not trying to burn you or anything, but seriously think about it. A Cobra is totaly different than a sixbanger. Everybody, everywhere, all the time wants to race; even people in suvs and minivans.

    Here is my personal experience: I too am a great kid, graduated with honors, have a 4.0 through my first year of college(thanks for letting me toot my own horn here) My father had a 90 Lx 5.0 that I inherited when I got my license. I didnt have the car a week before my mom made him sell it; at the time I was pissed and didnt understand why, but I do now. I then got a 95 Explorer (looking back at things this was the best car I have had to date; useful all around, safe for a teen to drive(as long as it has Michelin tires), and it was kind of a junker, kids never take care of their cars; I accidently mowed down about 20 yards worth of chain link fence with it at a HS football game. Then my awesome parents sold it and got me an 02 six banger mustang, THE SAME SITUATION YOU ARE IN. But all i did was **** and moan about that car(it was stripped). what an ungreatful little SOB I was when my parents bought me a brand new car.

    So being the ungreatful sob I was I got my grandmother to give me an early graduation gift, my 03 GT(and it had leather, oooohhh). That was the car I had a connection with. I was happy, the world was spinning, life was great(but it was an auto :nonono: ) That car was stylish, had v8 power, so I was a kool kid at school, and it let me be free. I was 17 and I did get my first ticket in this car though, and looking back on it I did drive a little too aggresive in it.

    However, around the time of the hurricanes last year, I became extremely blessed and put in a great place that everyone should be able to experience. Money does not bring happiness though, I know first hand. Anyhow, with my new situation and the deal I got I couldnot refuse to buy one of the last 04 Cobras in town, an 18 year old in an SVT, watch out. It is a great car, it rides stiff, has lots of driveline lash, creaks and rattles, and sometimes can be a pain to drive in traffic. BUT oh does it have power, it is the closest thing to a street racecar I have seen for anything less than $65k. The car has prestige, it is respected by all who know it, and envied by those with inferior cars. The Cobra has way too much power for the street, no driver can use the Cobras power legaly, and it begs to be driven. I almost got into some major stuff with this car, almost made some major mistakes with it, but was lucky that I never hurt myself, someone else, or any vehicles.

    A while ago, I bought a brand new leftover 04 v6 for a close friend of mine. They werent in the best of situation and have had to put up with a lot of crap through their young years. This car was nothing special, omost stripped, but the respect and gratitude they showed really said something to me.

    My point is you are young, you have a life to live, you will get a Cobra later in life. Most people work long and hard hours all their life and never get anything for it. A few people reward themselves with a Cobra, the car they have wanted all their life and they finally achieved their goal. It is fun being the top dog, but the anticipation of being top dog is just as fun. If you get a Cobra now, you have nothing to look forward to. Enjoy what you have, before it is gone.

    PS - IF you still want a Cobra and you probably do, I will have one for sale in the fall as I will go to an 06 GT and enjoy the anticipation of a Shelby in my later years.
  7. My point is you are young, you have a life to live, you will get a Cobra later in life. Most people work long and hard hours all their life and never get anything for it. A few people reward themselves with a Cobra, the car they have wanted all their life and they finally achieved their goal. It is fun being the top dog, but the anticipation of being top dog is just as fun. If you get a Cobra now, you have nothing to look forward to. Enjoy what you have, before it is gone.

    I agree with this totally. I didn't have my first Mustang until I was 25. Then I went through a couple of other GT's but I'm not going to bore anyone with the details. My first Cobra, an 01 at the age of 29. I've been in the Air Force for almost nine years, I'm married and have two kids, mods are few and far in between.
    What ever happened to the days when parents either helped to buy or bought their kids a $1000 car? That's what I started off with. If you start off at the top where are you going to go from there? Unless that motivates you to stay there.
    I don't know, I guess maybe I'm just a little old fashion, but I think kids (16-19) should be driving more along the lines of hopities (sp?).
    And insurance, who is paying for that? Who's the car going to be under? Who's going to pay for it if anything goes wrong?
    Sorry if you take this the wrong way, but you posted so be ready with your flame suit.

  8. *cough* Autobahn *cough* we will say very few drivers can use the power legally. :D

    But yah, not to be mean or flame the original poster, but you remind me of the rich kid in school who drove his dad's Trans Am. :nonono: Car lasted probably a good 3 months. 8-10 tickets later, and after the car was totaled the Trans Am was no more. I am not saying a younger person can not have one of these cars. If you look at my birthdate I am only 20 yrs old, with a S/C Cobra, but besides the 3yr age difference, I bought the car on my own. I pay for the insurance on my own, and I pay for everything that goes on with the car. These cars are phenomenal driving, but they do take a lot of TLC and lots of maintenance to keep them in the best shape. I just don’t see how a 17yr old can make enough money to drive one of these cars.

    I feel that one would need a good background on driving before purchasing one of these cars. With as much money as your parents are going to spend on this car, you could have such a nicer more forgivable car. Like you said, you’re not getting the car to show off or race anyways, why get it? :shrug:

    Just my .02 :cheers:
  9. Since everyone thinks things are given to me in life. I would have to say thats not true. I work my ass off in a Fab shop all summmer for 2 years going on my 3rd. I put in 40 hrs a week all summer my first year and 53 hrs a week my second year and this year I am workin 2 jobs to pay for this car as much as I can. I will be working a total of 15 hrs a day a total of 83 hrs a week (my one job we work saturday). So I dont have a summer and I evven work during school too not as much though. So Im not the spoiled little brat you all think I am.

    Second Im not buying the car to race wheter yoy belive me or not. I dought my parents will let me drive it with out there premision. The reason Im getting it now is my parent will help me out with it now but as soon as Im 18 its all my responsibility which alot of it is already. My dad is what everyone calls old fashioned and I have no problem with. You work for what you want and you dont get it untill then. I work more than any kid I know at are school. I like haveing the satisfaction af saying somethings mine not my dad's or my mom's. Dont get me wrong alot of people think Im spoiled when the first meet me then they relize that I worked my ass off and gave up my summers and some of my teenage life for this. How many people do you know that had a full tme job is the summer at the age of 13. So ya the car is under my dad's name but I pay for the insurance and I pay for the gas. Anything Ive ever wanted in life like bikes or now cars I have had to buy them. I might have had to borrow some money but I have had to pay every cent back. It has made me respect and take of them better than if they were just given to me and that was my dad's goal.

    Any way all I wanted to do was post my good news with the rest of you and maybe find out some hints and tricks on keepin the car runnin strong. Sorry for postin sorry for askin.
  10. The more you say the worse it looks. Do not worry what people think or say, get the car and prove them wrong.

  11. Hey, it is awesome that you are going to get your dream car, believe me I know the feeling. But it sure sounds like you are giving up a heck of a lot of the "best times of your life", then again that is your perogative.

    And NO, I do not believe you that you are getting a Cobra not to race. If you just wanted V8 noise and the handling a GT is more than adequate.

    BTW, some of the best budgeting advice I have been given on vehicles is that it monthly car payments, insurace, gas and other vehicle expenditures shouldn't acount for more than a third of your monthly income. Just something to think about.

    Sorry to get you on the defensive. I hope you get and enjoy your car, :banana:
  12. Very true, unfortunately most of us will never be lucky enough to ship our snakes over there to give them an honest run through; oh but we can dream.

    Cant wait til next summer when I go on a eruo vacation. Do they rent F430s over there? :shrug:
  13. I'm pretty young myself at 18. I was fortunate enough that my mom bought a car for me to drive-I DO NOT own it though, its hers-a 1999 Protege LX. The car is insanely slow, and I still managed to get a ticket in it. You can get in trouble with any car, nomatter how slow it is.

    About a month ago, my stepdad bought a 2000 GT 5spd off the used car lot at the dealership where I work. It belongs to him, not me, but he lets me drive it on occassion. I baby it and keep it clean, but even still it's tempting to let er rip sometimes, and I do. Understand though, things can happen that you will have NO control over. I came out of our student parking lot at school when I brought it in so I could wax it at our school shop, and I hit the throttle slightly and it spun out and rolled up a hill. Nothing I could do. No damage done though, fortunately. I admit it may have been a stupid thing to do, but I really didnt expect it.

    We had an 03 Cobra at our dealer a while back, and me and 2 other guys took it out for a drive (I just rode along, I didnt want the responsibility for driving it). They ragged the hell out of it needless to say, and believe me these cars DO NOT feel as fast as they are really going. In a sequence that happened in about 15 seconds we turned out of a neighborhood, the driver went WOT. I got pressed in my seat, looked ahead at the road and then glanced at the speedo-we were going 95 in a 35 and it didnt feel like it at all. Thats jail time right there I believe.

    You can say you are going to be as careful as you say you are, but you wont learn until you really f*** something up. With 390hp on tap, you are bound to have some fun with it, and it is always to the more responsibile ones that unfortunate things happen. I will admit though, given the opportunity I would certainly take a supercharged Cobra, but dont underestimate it. Its a 3,800lb rocket that you have to have an immense amount of respect for.
  14. totally agree, except it is more like a 3600lb 440hp tire smoker, and this guy says his is gonna be "modded".
  15. f430 wow 196mph top speed? geeze

    They rent anything you want, you just have to have the $$$$ to rent it.


    This is a pretty cheap rental place.. But look at the vanquish.. :hail2: Sports cars and Super Cars dont mix to well.. LOL

    **to bad you have to be atleast 30years old, have a 5000 dollar deposit, major credit car, drive orientation, and the extreme weight on your shoulders not to screw up a 250,000 dollar car..**

  16. yah your dad pays for the car and you pay for the insurance and gas. BTW how much is the insurance on that car being 17? Cause I have one of the best insurance providers for the military and they quoted me 365 dollars a month for full coverage. This was only on a 96 cobra, non S/C (so they think) *evil laugh* I would hate to imagine what a 17 yr old with a 03 would be.. :nonono: I just dont understand how you can afford it.
  17. $4k a month to rent a C5? I could finance atleast 3 for that price. wtf?
  18. Who cares about all this stuff. I say get it now, its cooler to hava it while your young. I was given a gt for my 16th and had it for 4 yrs till i did something dumb and totaled it. Then she got me a 99 cobra. I luv both cars, Im 21 now and I just want something faster, I mean a 99 cobra even with gears and bolt ons is just not fast enough for me. Go for it man just be safe!
  20. When i was 16 i had 89 lx convertible :( My dad wouldnt let me get a 5.0 390hp is a bit much for 17 old kid no offence.