'03 Cobra Exhaust for a '02 V6 ? Can I make it fit?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by silv6er, May 3, 2006.

  1. Is it possible to install a '03 Cobra exhaust take offs into a '02 V6 ? I know the GT take offs will fit a V6 with an h-pipe or x-pipe.

    I got a good deal from a friend who bought a wrecked '03 Cobra. He is taking out the engine, tranny and some other parts for his GT. He is selling the Cobra's stock exhaust. Can a muffler shop make it fit? Will I need some other modifications to fit them to my stock headers other than installing an h-pipe or x-pipe? If I'm not mistaken the Cobra's come with Borla exhaust system right?

    Egine: V6 3.8L Enginge, MAC Cold Air Intake
    Headers: Stock/OEM
    Exhaust: Stock/OEM

  2. What's a "Take-Off"?

    The '03/'04 Cobra exhaust runs under the differential whereas the GT exhaust goes over the straight axle. Not sure if that helps you or not.

  3. it wont fit unless you change the pipes from the mufflers back because, like UM says, it goes under the diff on a cobra and over on gt's and 6's.. other than that, a new midpipe is all you should need.. not sure about the borla thing though
  4. I don't believe the cobra's have borla exhuast. I would suggest a custom H-pipe it only cost me 300 bucks to do it all including the pipes.
  5. it wont fit, 2 diff suspensions one is IRS and the other is a solid axle... Sorry
  6. I'll look for GT take-offs then...

    Thanx for the info guys. I'll look for GT take-offs then.
  7. I have an 04 mustang and when I tried to put get take off's on they wouldn't fit from the headers back so if you are looking for a cat back system then that'll work fine other wise you'll have issues
  8. you will be way better off getting an exhaust made for your car. MAC v6 catback