'03 Cobra Exhaust for a '02 V6 ?

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  1. Hey guys, this question might sound somewhat dumb.

    Is it possible to install a '03 Cobra exhaust take offs into a '02 V6 ? I know the GT take offs will fit a V6 with an h-pipe or x-pipe.

    I got a good deal from a friend who bought a wrecked '03 Cobra. He is taking out the engine, tranny and some other parts for his GT. He is selling the Cobra's stock exhaust. Can a muffler shop make it fit? Will I need some other modifications to fit them to my stock headers other than installing an h-pipe or x-pipe? If I'm not mistaken the Cobra's come with Borla exhaust system right?

    Egine: V6 3.8L Enginge, MAC Cold Air Intake
    Headers: Stock/OEM
    Exhaust: Stock/OEM

  2. But GT's have solid rear axels, not IRS like the Cobras.
    Best you can do is just check the clearances once he gets the car.

    Depending on what he sells it for, you might just be better off getting a GT system.
  3. It will probably cost more than it's worth to make it fit, honestly.

    You'd be better off to go with a different exhaust system, something aftermarket like Magnaflow, Borla or Flowmaster.. or even SLP :D
  4. Yeah, it's probably not worth it. On a Cobra, the exhaust goes underneath the axle because of the IRS system last I have seen. On the solid rear axle like the GT, Mach, Bullitt and V6, it goes up and over high enough so the axle doesnt break it.