03' Cobra @$$holes...?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 32v, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. This thread was made a sticky on www.supraforums.com by mods to bash the Cobra. It's in the off-topic area, the only way to view and comment on it is to be a member, which sucks.



    This thread just started
  2. Screw 'em! They are just miffed because the '03 Cobra took a spot the Supra USED to hold....

    Before the '03 Cobra came out, what newer model car was often touted as having one of the strongest bottom ends? The Supra! Heck they have had quite a few years to come up with all sorts of new FI kits and turbo upgrades that vault them into the 500+ RWHP arena.

    Now there's a new "Forged Internal" beast out there that is poised to de-throne the Supra. They may be getting a little scared I think! Wait until there are more Procharger or turbo equipped '03's running around sporting 750+ RWHP and then watch them really start crying!

  3. The Supra backlash on Cobra owners is really starting to boil up now. I'm seeing more and more of them trying to knock it down.
    Hopefully soon they will break the 1000 horsepower mark and shut these idiots up.
    Personally I think they'd like to have the competition.
  4. :rolleyes:
  5. Loser.

    Lets go pay $30,000 for a 7 year old Supra.

    Don't get me wrong.
    I love Supras and loved my 300zx Twin Turbo, but get off your horse....
    The 03 Cobra is the first thing the US has made that really excites me and it's a seriously badass ride with only a few hundred dollars worth of upgrades....

    Chicks dig Cobras more then they do Supras =oP
    I think someone has been drinking "Haterade"
    Don't hate me cuz you aint' me!
  6. Re: Supra owners

    Its a shame there are so many arrogant a**holes over at SF's that don't recognize a great car/drivetrain and even a great community. Don't get me wrong, im an avid user on supraforums with over 1k+posts, but one would have to be blind not to recognize the performance value of the 03+ Cobras. Personally I love the competition, and wouldn't mind owning a cobra someday.

    :nice: Badass OEM motors

    94 Supra Turbo
    593whp 630wtq
    [email protected] on BFG's
    Stock longblock, 26psi, 275-45-17 BFG's
  7. Yeah, I agree that they're pissed that the 03 Cobra's taking the "indestructable engine" spotlight away from the Supra.
  8. the only thing I can say about Mustang Drivers, is that they recognize a quality car when they see it, and give it just credit. I very rarely ever see anyone give any credit to another car and its ability to perform. ESPECIALLY from the ricers that drive Supras. Though I do love the supra.
  9. I sent you a PM.

    As for the subject at hand.....Let's face it, some people are just ignorant and rude. Both cars to me are bad-ass. I love Supra's. If they weren't about $40,000 I would of considered buying one.
  10. Do I smell a little race :D

    The SF thread died pretty fast.
  11. LOL, he lives right near me.

    I'll race him. But did you look at the numbers in his sig? :eek: I don't think it would be much of a race. He has me by about 2 seconds. :(
  12. maybe the supra people would like to see the x2c motorsports full interior,stock block,heads,and cams turbo 03 cobra. the mag i have said at 17psi the car made 737 hp and 719 ft/lbs at the wheels! 10.30s @139mph. not bad for a nearly 2 ton car.
  13. Most of the Supra guys around here respect the '03 Cobras. In fact, our shop has dynoed many Cobras at my friends shop TorqueFreaks (which is mainly a Supra/import shop).

  14. i find that shop title funny for an import shop. :p
  15. LOL, true. Though his car puts out well over 600 ft./lbs. to the tires.
    His "partner's" shop right next door is HorsepowerFreaks (TF does service, HF does sales).

    Click here for the dyno graphs of a couple of my friends' cars. The first one has a Precision GTS 76 and the second one has a Greddy t88 (71mm).
    I love the the first graph of 175 rwhp at 4k rpms and 808 rwhp by the time it's done. :p
  16. Nice car you got there.

    oh yeah... To the haters: Don't hate the car for having an A$$hat of an owner. :notnice:

  17. holy ****! i just saw that! :rlaugh:
  18. haha

    I have yet toi be beaten by a supra.... Even when I was stock with a wimmpy 390 hp. ONly thing that beat me then (which im n ot proud of but will admit) was a VW something with a totally rebuilt engine and a after market turbo slicks etc etc and still he only ran a 13.1 i should have beat him...lousy driving

    AS FAR AS SUPRAS i guess the main problem has been people who dont know how to drive them, but its also the car. THey either complain about not being able to get the power off the line or get so much they cant hook and just sit and spin. So they have trappped 125mph but I still beat the three I raced at the track.