03' Cobra @$$holes...?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 32v, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. are all the ferrari lovers gonna cry when the new gt hits the streets; hopefully so the "ford vs. the world" battle can continue. :D
  2. I say do more stomping of imports until they stop buying these Sushi dragsters.
  3. i have to say the supra and the 03 cobra are both quite amazing cars.. i do have to say that some people are ignorant, and A$$holes, heck i know of quite a few stangers that are down out right A$$es.. there is gonna be a few in every crowd, same with the ls1 guys..

    but it is quite amazing to me that people can see 500, 600, 700, rwhp out of 3.0L
  4. That's nothing, that thread over in 4.6L talk is about a Supra doing 900's with only a 67mm turbo. He's going to a 88mm which will bring him to around 1200RWHP, maybe around 1400RWHP on the spray. :eek:

    Sick stuff.

    Now somebody needs to crank out a big single turbo 03 Cobra and give the Supra guys a run for their money. :nice:
  5. I can't imagine what that kind of horse power would feel like and I may be a wuss for saying it, but I don't think I want to. I'm just trying to get 400 rwhp out of my 66 fastback and still have it streetable. It seems fast as hell now and I'm missing the boat by 50 or so.

    Seems to me anything over 500 rwhp for the street is kinda insane, in an outstanding kind of way, but insane none the less. Each man to his own excesses. I still working on 550 got 525 (as a bench press) I guess appropiate excess is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. I can only imagine what it takes to keep that car hooked, if at all possible on the street. Drag radials or some kind of autocross/racing tire would be the only thing I can imagine running on a car like that.
  7. This may have been mentioned (I didn't read all the posts here) but I love the comment about the guy who broke 3 axles becuase he was running 11s. So a car that runs probably 150-200hp over what it was design for on drag radials broke an axle so therefor the car is a piece of crap. Maybe these guys aren't hot on the logic.