'03 Cobra IRS Swap in SN95 Project

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  1. Well it does look problem free. The only think was a torn halfshaft boot which i replaced.... and i opened up the case and it looks fine. Also changed the fluid with OEM fluid.... I am just concerned i wont like it.
  2. You wont like it, you'll love it.
  3. What do you think you won't like about it?

    People are mainly concerned with Ford "compromising" with the Cobra IRS. But for some reason, no one wants to argue that Ford "compromised" by making a :poo:ty SRA as well. So the IRS can really only be better in my opinion. Replace all the rubber with poly or delrin/aluminum, and then its pretty damn stout.
  4. Build it and you should be good.

    Never hear anyone complain about IRS in (non drag) applications if they aren't having wheel hop and breakage issues.

    Good luck with the swap.
  5. IRS is superior in every way except straight line racing (and even then, it can be built to be nearly as good). Not sure what you won't like about it.
  6. One thing I am concerned is loosing my built rear end.

    In my SRA I have right now I have FRPP 3.73 gears and an Auburn HD Diff which makes the car drive really nice.

    Dont know how good going back to a T-Lock would be.
  7. LOL you're a hard man to figure out. Are you just totally against anyone throwing their hard-earned money into a car or is it just mustangs? I notice that you never have anything positive to say about people modding their mustangs, including mine :shrug:
  8. Why do you think that a 31 spline Traction-Lok with carbon clutches is inferior to an Auburn LSD? Unless the T-Lok is completely worn out (I seriously doubt that, mine is still decent at 140k miles with regular clutches), they are both doing the exact same thing. The 3.73s will swap right over.

    The only thing to be concerned about is how much weaker the IRS half-shafts are than the regular straight axles. But unless you are going to be doing 5000 rpm clutch drops on very sticky tires, that won't be an issue anyway.
  9. your going to need more than 400rwhp to be worrying about breaking :poo:.
  10. I am starting the install today. My buddy is coming over right now to give me a hand.

    I do have more than 400HP.
  11. Almost there

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  12. Sweet.

    Can't wait to see some pics with the exhaust. Knowing you, I'm sure it'll be shined up all nice and purdy. :nice:
  13. It still aint polished. I am gonna leave it unpolished till maybe next month. Still got alot of odds and ends to do on this.

    Swapping a motor is easier than this job.... this is annoying.
  14. ran into an issue with the brake line modification. Have to reflare a line. Grabbing the hardware right now, and if all is well i should have it rolling by tonight.
  15. This was by far the hardest part of the swap. Brake line mods.


  16. Looks familar. I actually cut the brake line right above the pumpkin and then put the T fitting closer in the center of the housing and then ran new lines from there and bent them. Toughest part to me was getting the bushings to fit back into the locations after having them installed, the front lower mounts were something I don't care to repeat anytime soon...

    What spring/shock combo are you going to run?
  17. Little teaser

  18. i think for what you use your car for, and how you take care of it visually, your going to be very happy with the outcome of this project. its going to drive like a dream, and irs cars with polished pipes look amazing. althought i still dont think you make 407 rwhp... :rolleyes:
  19. So i got everything going, i took good pics of everything so i will post it up later.

    instead of drilling holes into the truck, i just decided to weld the IRS Brackets to the Frame. It was much easier and only has me $40!!!


  20. Before I installed the IRS, I restore the mangaflow tips since they were used. Detailing cleans anything!!!