03 cobra makes it to 300k

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by hotcobra03, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. well its been a blast to have enjoyed my cobra...we just hit the 300k mark


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  2. How did you manage that on a 2003?
  3. That is strangely cool!!

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  4. Congratulations !

    Sorry for jumping forums here, but I happened to see this on the lead in page and I was curious about the details on your Termi. Is the engine and boost pure stock ? Has the engine ever been apart at all ? Is the transmission original ? Reason I'm interested, my son is about to put a Termi engine and trans in his 89 LX. Again, congrats ! :nice:
  5. sorry i didnt put up details on car...

    its stock other than exhaust ...the driverside head has been the only real issue...i have had problems 3 times on that side....

    orig 4thread head had cyl 6 drop valve seat..

    1st 9thread head also dropped cyl 6 valve seat

    at 275k i had to replace the head with what should be the most up to date revised head from ford racing..

    as to engine the rest is orig...

    im also on the orig clutch,,,but have had to replace many tob and the bearing retainer..
  6. Thanks for the added info ! I missed if the tranny was original or not, just curious since he will be using the Termi tranny as well. I only have 245K on my bolt-on 5.0 1989 GT, only had the valve covers off to replace the gaskets (engine and tranny are original) !
  7. Wow! Good to see people making those cars last! We love modding them and beating on them but it's always cool to see a clean kept stocker just cruising as well. Good luck with the cobra and congrats!
  8. That's GOTTA be the highest mileage 03/04 Terminator out there - congrats !

  9. wow serious driving is serious! way to go and make it last!
  10. yes transmission is original just the parts listed were changed...driveshaft and ujoints are oring..rear end was rebuilt at 170k,,just gears and bearings...halfshafts are original...it has an irs
  11. Thanks for the info. They are beautiful and powerful cars and nice to know they have longivity as well ! :nice:
  12. wow thats awesome!!! keep it goin!
  13. it would be neat to put your car on the dyno and see what kind of power the motor makes. I would assume its right there still.
  14. Impressive!
  15. Man that is awesome. That speaks volumes about these cars. They are made to enjoy!
  16. Real nice. Mine is at 94,000. Bought brand new as a factory order. New clutch and rear gears, but otherwise stock. To get to where you are, I will have to drive it another 23 or so years. Oy!