03 Cobra OR 04 Mach 1?

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  1. id say buy a 01 cobra then pick up a used 03-04 blower for like 500......if it will work
  2. That does nota worka so goood.

    Uncle meat has expounded on the excessive cost on that one in the past.

    Lots of good options though, a Mach with a twin screw would be great as would an older Cobra.

    My opinion on the original question is definately Cobra but that does not mean there aren't a lot of nice mustangs out there that aren't Cobra's.
  3. I cant believe this question was asked

    :owned: I have owned at least 5 different mustangs all two years apart and I really cant believe this question has been asked. My last 3 cars have all been cobras for one reason and one reason only
    Mustangs that are V6's, GTs, Bullits, Mach1s, steedas, and even Rouschs all have one thing in common. ANY DAY ANY NIGHT< THEY GET BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER BY A COBRA

    you buy those unacceptable cars for your wife or grandma or daughter, because anyone who drives a COBRA will always look down on you. Even if you ran below 12secs
    I have modded all of my cars and the engine in the production mustangs are pathetic, if you compare them to the cobra, eventually you have to take apart these engines because they were put together by machines.
    I sold my first two cars, and they were Mustang 1994 and 1996GTs with 300 and 410hp. But I blew the engines out
    Take my advice i know
    My 3 cobras still work fine today no problems dude a 98 with 305 hp stock
    a 2001 with 350 chipped
    and a 2004 over 500hp with uprgraded pully, Borla race headers and race exhaust +more
    Current Driver of a 2004 Mystichrome Cobra
    and proud of it
    Take my trust

    Jimbo Jones Show
  4. But what about the "exclusivity" of the Mach?? :rlaugh:
  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:
    THIS GUY KNOWS, :rlaugh:

  6. :shrug: :rlaugh:
  7. I drove both yesterday and i have to say the power difference was incredible, the only thing i have to say was the cobra did not feel as solid as the mach, but i'm thinking the cobra was beat on alot both had 18XXX miles on them but the mach was an 04 and cobra was 03 also iwas not a big fan of the cobras seats HA but i'm still thinking bout buying a cobra instead...

  8. I drive a 67 Shelby GT500-

    I love ALL Mustangs- V6, Mach, GT, Cobra, BOSS- I love them all as long as they are not RICED.

    Guys like you with your elitist attitude piss me off.

    You drive a Cobra, not a Ford GT, not an Enzo-

    Every guy with a Cobra does not look down on every Mustang- if they do, remind me to NEVER buy a Cobra-

    I love a clean looking GT as much as I love a clean looking Cobra as much as I love a clean looking MACH-

    A true enthusiast sees the potential in all Mustangs-

    If you blew up your motors, it is simply because you dont know what you are doing- I am running over 400hp on a stock bottom end in my 66 with 80,000 miles on it-

    Maybe you should learn something about cars before you make an a** out of yourself-
  9. Don't let those seats scare you, I am decent sized 6"1" 257lb and was hating the seats as well. You get used to them and their grip, I love them now, also, did you adjust the lumbar and bolsters?? There are some hidden buttons by the right hand some non Cobra guys may not know about.
  10. :cheers:

  11. Really sweet thanks that makes me feel alot better about buying one no i didn't see the lumbar bolsters ajustments next time i drive one i'll have to play with the seats alittle more
  12. Yeah, I drove around uncomfortable for a week untill my oldest son asked what the buttons were for. :bang:
  13. Hey man once you get it tuned its a bad ride
  14. No doubt man :nice: , I had heard however it was tedious and a KB would be easier.
  15. Is this our old buddy CarrollShelby? Kinda smells like it.

  16. Looked at buying both cars. I ended up with a Cobra and after paying $26000 for a Cobra that had $3000 in mods and has 465rwhp. I couldn't be happier with my decision.