03 cobra or 05 gt

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  1. Please help I cant decide between and 03 cobra and the 05 gt's. I know that the 05 is the nicer car and if i got it I would spray it with probably a 4:10 gear or so, but there is something about a supercharged car with practically unlimited potential.What kind of times do you all think a geared n2o 05 would run? Any advice would be very helpful. Oh and it would have to be convertable because of the wife.
  2. That's tough.

    What kind of numbers will you be happy with? You know with a little dough you can get a Terminator in the 11's.
    Have you driven both cars? The new GT is just a totally different car. Finding a nice un abused 03/03 Cobra will be more difficult than the GT. Both cars are comfortable. Because of the extra weight of the vert (not much but it's there) you may have to do more that just gear the 05 and spraying it to be happy with your times. I guess the most important question again is have you driven bone stock examples of both yet?
  3. no i havent driven in either one. anything in the 11's would be cool. I really want the cobra but finding one that hasnt been beat to hell and back seems to be a problem and when you do find one the damn thing is still 33k
  4. Something else to consider is while the 03 Snake is an awesome vehicle laying some sick numbers, the 05 up 3v 4.6 is responding WICKEDLY to boost, check out http://www.kennebell.net/superchargers/ford/gt05-06_3v/gt05-06_3v.htm
    At the bottom they have a dyno of the 03 snake and the 05 GT under the same amount of boost. The Snake is putting 366hp/355torque and the GT is putting 456/402 with just the supercharger putting the same 8lbs of boost! Now you can up the Snake, but you can do the same for the GT. Definitely something to consider. For me it was the 05 for looks, and I can draw more power from it.
  5. damn thats pretty solid. but the wife aint gonna let me spend 4k on a charger. I had no idea that they responded that well to a charger. But with the cobra you get a bullet proof block and internals
  6. What types of times and mph are the bolt on 05's running. 5 speed of course.
  7. Well, you could always drop a little on the 4.10's, an intake, and a shot of nos and be dipping towards if not into the 11's - but personally I'd spring for that 4k investment just for stability of the engine. These motors seem to be pretty stout thus far, and adding the intake and tune alone will boost that 300 hp to 340 at the crank depending. However, to do that you're looking at 650 for intake 250 for gears, and 400 for a nos set. My logic may be off , but if I'm going to spend more than 1/4 the price for not 1/4 the gains the charger could put out, I'd go do a little financing magic (home equity maybe? or sig. loan? or tax season is around the corner if you're in the US - that's always a good time ... note to self ...) and have yourself an 05 sleeper beast.

    And 05's are running low to mid 13's stock.
    Drop that down to mid to upper 12's with an intake, tune, and exhaust.
    Drop that down to mid 11's with nos, gears, and tires to hold that baby to the ground.
    Might even pull it lower if you wanted to invest in lower control arms (LCA's) and helped put that power to the ground.

    There are several people in here running 285's all the way around, myself will be running 285's in the rear 255's in the front.
  8. You can get an 04 Cobra with 15-20K miles in excellent condition for 28K (give or take)....... I would not sell mine for less than 29K, but then again I don't plan to sell mine
  9. cobra or 05

    go with the cobra, i have an 05 and am now looking for a cobra. trade in sucks on the 05 so will prob just add power to it and see what happens.
  10. Cobra hands down. Forged internals, already set up for boost.

  11. I have both, and it depends on what you are looking for. The S197 platform is superior to my Cobra in EVERY way, except the go-pedal. If power is what you are after, and that's the most important thing to you, Cobra hands down. Other than that, go with the 05.
  12. I just picked up a 98' blackCobra.Its a rough but I feel its worth the resto.It needs paint, interior and suspension [email protected] $2500.00 I thought it was a great value with 40k miles on it.Its been stitting for the last 6 years in a pole barn.
    I wish I could post some picks but I'll do a series of pics when I start in on this ride.Beside I need to find my HP disc to upload my digi cam program on my new computor.
    I say go with the Cobra...the engines are unique and run great!Like Sambandit says the Cobra,"Hands down!"Poco